How to Design a Cozy Campervan Interior on a Low Budget

The campervan is having a moment right now. More Americans than ever are looking to swap their traditional homes for an adventurous and fun little bus that takes them wherever the wind blows them. If you’re looking to have that experience but have a tighter budget, you may be wondering how to design a cozy campervan interior.

There are great options out there for pushing the boundaries as far as a low-budget campervan goes. Read on for your ultimate guide to creating the perfect campervan layout.


Use Recycled and Repurposed Materials

Designing a cozy campervan interior on a low budget requires creativity and resourcefulness. Recycled and repurposed materials can be used to create a functional and comfortable place to relax and sleep. Furniture such as beds and benches can be constructed from pallets or wooden crates, which are often readily available for free.

Cushions, throws, and blankets can be purchased second-hand or made from materials such as old curtains and fabrics. Paint can be used to add color and a personal touch to the walls, shelves, and cabinets.

Additionally, pockets of storage can be added to any wall and stuffed with upcycled items to keep the space organized. Plants and other decorations can be collected on hikes, found at thrift shops, or given by friends. It is possible to create a great home away from home with only a limited budget, lots of imagination, and a few recycled or repurposed materials.

You can also check out some converted vans so that you can get some inspiration. Surely, you would like to make yours as lovely and relaxing as possible.

Maximize Space with Creativity

Maximizing space with creativity is key for campervan conversions on a low budget. Multi-functional decor and furniture pieces are great items to look for.

Fold-Down Wall Bed

This type of bed is easily installed, allowing for a great amount of flexibility in the campervan’s interior design. The wall bed can fold down flat to provide more space, maximizing the interior of the campervan.

Additionally, a fold-down wall bed is relatively affordable, making it the perfect option for a budget campervan. Once the bed is installed, use colorful throw pillows, blankets, and curtains to add warmth and texture to the interior.

Hanging tapestries, pictures, and other décor is also a great way to add character and charm to your campervan on a budget. Not only is it a low-cost way to design a cozy interior, but it can be a fun and creative project as well.

Convertible Sofa

A great way to make the most of the space is to choose furniture that is convertible. A sofa bed is a great option, as it doubles as a seating area during the day and a comfortable bed at night.

The cushioning of the sofa should be comfortable and durable, allowing you to sink into it in the evening. It should be easily transportable so that you can quickly make up the bed whenever you park. Pick durable upholstery materials that can withstand the test of time.

Wall-Mounted Tables

Wall-mounted tables are easy to install and don’t take up any valuable floor space, making them ideal for a campervan. You could use them for a dining area, or you could convert them into a desk area for planning trips or working on a laptop.

Plus, wall-mounted tables can be secured to the wall, so you don’t need to worry about them being damaged as you’re driving around. To make sure they look stylish without breaking the bank, try painting them in fun colors or adding texture with wallpaper or contact paper.

Bunk Beds

Bunk beds provide a space-saving solution for limited space and can accommodate more passengers for sleeping. Choose lightweight units that can be folded up when not in use to maximize space.

Flip Bench

The flip bench is a versatile 2-in-1 solution that acts as both seating and sleeping. Transform the bench into a bed at night and back to the bench during the day in no time by simply flipping its frame. You will have a cozy and stylish campervan interior without breaking the bank.

The flip bench’s versatile nature and low price make it an ideal choice for those on a budget. Still, you can have a smart, elegant, and luxe campervan interior.

Opt for DIY Rugged Design and Creative Wall Coverings

Look at the existing details of your campervan and make the most of it. This includes a rugged design that emphasizes the unique character of the van.

To enhance the atmosphere further, think creatively when it comes to wall coverings. Rather than traditional wallpaper, try stenciling or hanging fabric with textiles and accent colors.

Use Smart Storage Solutions Under Budget

Smart storage solutions can make it easier to get the most out of your space. This will help provide deep storage and make items easy to find.


Crates are a perfect option for storage, as they are functional and inexpensive. For example, a waterproof wooden crate can be used to store canned food and other necessities. By adding comfortable cushions on top and a cushion or a blanket, it can also be used as extra seating or a bed.

Battery-operated LED lights placed inside the crate can also be used to provide a warm and inviting atmosphere. Once the crates are filled, they can be tied down with bungee cords or blocks, which help to prevent the crates from shifting while driving. Having a few larger crates and several smaller crates will help maximize the storage space in any campervan.

Storage Boxes and Bins

Storage boxes and bins are essential when designing a cozy campervan interior on a low budget. For limited storage space, maximizing storage space is essential. Boxes and bins should be used to store items in an orderly fashion, such as clothing and other camping supplies.

Small plastic containers, such as drawers or bins, are a great way to store small items and will fit comfortably into built-in spaces. Collapsible storage bins, such as milk crates, are great for storing larger items such as bedding, blankets, pillows, and more.

For items such as books, DVDs, and games, stackable bins are a smart choice as they can be tucked away neatly out of sight. Mounting shelves above the bed is a great way to make room for more boxes and bins for other items that need to be stored.

Pull-Out Drawers

Pull-out drawers provide an extra layer of storage space to the interior, minimizing clutter and maximizing the usable floor space. Such drawers are available in various sizes and blends of wood-grain interiors and can be readily installed in a matter of minutes.

Pull-out drawers can be in the kitchen area, ensuring food and items are accessible, or in the living or sleeping quarters of the campervan, allowing for neat and organized storage of items.

In addition to ample storage, pull-out drawers also provide an aesthetic touch to the interior. With a range of colors and materials to choose from, they can offer a much-needed second layer of decor to the campervan, creating a cozy and lived-in atmosphere.

Use Vertical Space

For campervan space optimization, use vertical space to your advantage. Think about ways to make full use of drawers, shelf systems, and magnetic storage solutions. To start, install a bookshelf along one side of the wall to provide storage for books, personal items, or even food.

By designing cleverly, you can make full use of the available vertical space while staying on budget. You can turn your campervan into a relaxing and cozy place to call home.

Transform Ambience with Low-Cost Accessories

Transforming the ambiance of a campervan interior on a low budget can be achieved by adding a few accessories. With a few carefully chosen and affordable pieces, a cozy and inviting interior can be created on a budget.

Cheap Vinyl or Laminate Flooring

Vinyl or laminate flooring is an inexpensive, easy-to-install material that comes in an array of colors and styles. Not only is it budget-friendly, but it’s quite durable and easy to clean and maintain. Because it comes in rolled-out pieces, you can easily customize it to fit the dimensions of your van.

You’ll need to make sure the floors are level before installing the vinyl. Then, you can either glue it down or buy self-adhesive vinyl. It’s best to lay out the pieces before you permanently attach them to make sure they fit and look just the way you want them to.


Adding curtains to the interior of a campervan is a great way to create a cozy and homey atmosphere while keeping in mind budgetary constraints. When creating curtains, use lightweight fabric such as sheer, cotton, or burlap to keep material costs low.

Using basic sewing techniques, sew the fabric into easy-to-hang, café style curtains that will add a bit of visual appeal. Or, choose a pre-made window shade that can hook or clip onto the window frame for easy installation.

Consider fabric hooks for window edges instead of rods for greater portability and convenience. Primer and paint the window frames for a more finished look.

Have fun mixing up fabric patterns and textures to create a one-of-a-kind look. With a few simple materials and accessories, the campervan interior can quickly become a warm, inviting, and comfortable space to relax and enjoy.


You’ll want to look for rugs that are durable, machine-washable, and non-allergenic. It’s also important to consider the size of the rug; you’ll want to make sure it’s small enough to fit comfortably in the interior space.

If you’re on a low budget, you can find affordable rugs in thrift stores, vintage shops, and antique markets. Neutral or earthy-toned wool rugs work especially well for a campervan, as they tend to have a more natural, cozy feel. When combined with cushions, curtains, and pillows, a rug can help to create a warm, inviting ambiance in motorhome interiors.

Hanging Planters

One way to spruce up the interior is by adding hanging planters. If a campervan is without windows, hanging plants on strings, shelves, or walls will create an indoor garden ambiance. Hanging planters are a space-efficient way to add an indoor garden space to any campervan.

They also bring in a bit of nature and oxygen to your home on the road. To keep the costs low, consider using upcycled materials like recycled plastic bottles and milk containers, as well as items like mason jars, coat hangers, and coffee cans. With some string, adhesive, and soil, anyone can have a vibrant indoor garden that serves as a great conversation starter.

Planters also add a bit of color, greenery, and life to a space. Finally, plants help improve the air quality of any campervan, and adding hanging planters is an easy and inexpensive project for any budget.


Add dreamcatchers to your campervan for a unique aesthetic. They can help bring a sense of peace and connection to nature, enhancing your experience as you explore the world. Try shopping secondhand or reducing the items you bring.

Filling a campervan with too much can make it feel overwhelming and overwhelming. Instead of trying to add several pieces of decor, look for ways to make the most of each item, like layering pillows and transitioning ornaments for different seasons. Lastly, research local DIY projects and stores for fun design ideas that’ll fit your budget.

Design Your Campervan Interior Without Breaking the Bank

Now that you are considering buying a motorhome, you do want it to feel as cozy as possible. You want to be very comfortable traveling on it like you would like when you are at home.

Creating the perfect cozy campervan interior on a low budget is achievable with a little planning and creativity. Plus, the opportunity to use recycled materials can be inexpensive and great for the environment.

So what are you waiting for? Go out and start designing the perfect campervan layout today!

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