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Our garages used to be where we kept our motorcycles and cars, but nowadays, very few garages are used to keep the family four-wheeler. In reality, several garages have become additional bedrooms, lounges, and laundry rooms, and, in some cases, whole apartments. But if your garage is a good old-fashioned carport and storage area, are you likely to find it all a little messed up?

Instead of accepting failure and agreeing to heave a large portion of your possessions up into the attic, you may convert your garage with only a little effort and a very small outlay by building these simple shelves.

Garage Shelves

Materials and Preparation

You’ll need wall studs to install any DIY garage shelves, a spirit stage, clamps, a decent box of screws, and calipers, or a tape measure for this project. Finally, if you’re going to use a table saw yourself, try to wear protective lenses, gloves, and ear protection at all times.

The following move is to cut your boards to order. To make precise and accurate measurements, use the measuring tape and a pair of competent calipers from RS Components. If you don’t have a table saw, you should cut them yourself or go to a nearby hardware store if you don’t have one.

You’ll need about three strips of wood board cut to 48 inches long (or 4 foot) by 17 inches wide for a collection of 4-foot long shelving. To install the foundation for the shelving units themselves, you’ll need four 60-inch legs, six 48-inch supports, and nine 13-inch cross supports.

Basic Procedure

Begin by setting two of your leg pieces parallel to each other and drawing a line just below the top of each shelf where you want your garage shelves to go. Under this line, position the first piece like a rung of a ladder, checking that it sits flat with the thighs.

Fix screws into each corner next, spacing them out and selling the success as you go. You’ll have your backing after you’ve screwed each rung of your device into line, making sure they’re at least 16 inches apart.

Cross braces should be attached to the ends of each piece, and middle support should be added. Screw the remaining 48-inch parts to the supports. All that’s left is to put the remaining two legs in place and slot the shelving sheets in place, securing them with nails to hold them in place. You should now have ready-to-use DIY garage shelving! Below are ideas that we have that you may like for your garage storage shelves:

Do-it-yourself Attached Storage Shelves

This one is good for DIY newbies. This is the easiest type of garage shelf to build: it only needs a few minor components, is less expensive, and is less stressful. Everyone can build with only a few basic resources. The attached garage shelves are available in a number of types, although this is the simplest.

Start by measuring the wood and estimating how many you’ll need based on the length of your garage. In this initiative, measurement is crucial. It will provide you with a good picture of the garage storage you want to build. This attached garage storage shelf can be done in whatever style you choose. Garage shelves, such as this one, can be attached to the garage door to make it the quietest garage door opener, the door corner, and the walls.

When doing DIY projects like this, it’s also important to be careful. Investing in safety equipment can also help your DIY garage storage shelves succeed.

Wall Hanging Do-it-yourself Storage

Don’t be concerned if you have a large number of tools or can’t find a place to store your gears. One of the most adaptable shelving ideas we have for you is ours. In this rack, you have no power over everything. Apart from being easy to install, the rack can complement every wall and save a lot of room. This DIY storage project needs minimal tools to make.

This upright side of the garage is the best choice for any garage shelving. The laths are crucial in this situation. Drilling machines and wood planners, for example, can also be kept here. With the help of one of your top shelving units, you can transform your garage into one of your house’s cleanest places. It’s easy to do, and it doesn’t put any pressure on the bag.


Garage shelves will significantly aid in the organization and decluttering of your garage. We’ve even shared a few simple Do-It-Yourself garage shelf ideas with you. Try some of these ideas and transform your garage now.

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