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There are a lot of small businesses that you can start at a low cost. You can start such a business at home or at rental premises. Starting a small business is not a big deal if you can make your ideas happen. There are a lot of established businessmen who found them struggling with the investment and ideas but they had become successful because they could have taken their ideas in a proper direction.  Small manufacturing business requires machinery or equipment whose cost is relatively low. In this article we have come up with some small machines and equipment that are suitable for starting a small business with a limited budget.

small business machinery

The following are some of the best small business machinery that you can highly use for your start-up business:

1.Machine for Wooden keychain holder

You can start a business of making a wooden keychain. You can make a number of high impact keychain designs. All that you need is a simple laser machine that is required for cutting the wood to make the design. Nowadays you will get a lot of laser machines at a minimal price. There is a lot of laser machine brand in the market such as Han’s Laser, Hglaser, Chutian Laser, Gweike, etc. You can contact these brands for having this laser machine at a lower cost. You can also make a keychain with a laser engraved metal bottle opener with the help of the laser machine.

2. Designing Wine Glass

Manufacturing designing wine glass in another demanding business. You can make a beautiful set of laser engraved wine glass with the help of a glass cutting machine and laser machine. However, you can also make some wonderful designs on the wine glass with the help of a rotary device that also permits you to engrave cylindrical objects. It certainly looks highly impressive when you design the wine glass with the form of any object.

3. Designer lace manufacturing machine

Lace is mainly used in the garment and also for craftwork. The best thing is that you can easily start this business at home. The trends of fashion are emerging day by day and with that, the demand for various kinds of laces has also increased.  You can also export laces to various countries even from home. You can design various kinds of laces through bobby machines. You can also make shoelaces by weaving a band as well as fastening the aglet. However, for manufacturing shoelaces, you will require a shoelace braiding machine. You can actually weave a number of laces per minute with the help of a show lace braiding machine.

4. Ice Cream Cones manufacturing machine

There is hardly any person who does not like to have ice cream. Since everyone screams for ice cream it will not be a bad idea to start the business of ice cream. In fact, ice cream is one of the most popular desserts in the world. For starting the business of ice cream you will need to manufacture ice cream cones. You can easily set up a unit of manufacturing ice cream cones just with a budget from 1 lakh to 1.5 lakh. But if you desire to operate an ice cream cone manufacturing unit that has high capacity machinery then you will have to invest a little higher.

5. Machine for manufacturing handmade chocolates

People of almost all ages like to have chocolate and it has certainly become one of the most favorite items for everyone. You certainly do not require too much investment in manufacturing handmade chocolate unit and you hardly need Rs. 40000 to Rs. 50000 for purchasing raw materials as well as packaging. However, if you desire to deploy a machine for manufacturing package for the chocolate then you may require an additional Rs. 2 lakhs to Rs. 3 lakhs. Hence this is certainly a good option for starting a business with a low budget.

These are the best options that you can choose if you want to start a new business with a limited budget. As an entrepreneur, you certainly need to invest in sourcing raw materials and tools or machines with which you will manufacture or design the things that you will sell in the market. So you should not compromise with the machinery.






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