Understanding Cost Estimation for MEP Engineers

Cost estimates are essential to make any construction project successful. Most companies work with multiple independent parties, such as clients, architects, engineers, and contract workers. Getting accurate cost estimates quickly is essential to keeping all parties working together smoothly during the project. If you’re working on a project that involves engineers, there are a few tips you can follow to make the estimation process easier to understand.

MEP Engineers

Defining MEP

Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) engineers must make any building fit for occupation. These processes are addressed simultaneously in construction projects because the three areas are often related and intersect. However, most projects require three separate teams to handle the design and installation of each element. The three groups have to work closely to ensure a building’s mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems function in harmony.

Mechanical engineers deal with different types of systems depending on the type of project they’re working on. Three of the most common are space heating, air conditioning, and mechanical ventilation. These systems interact to keep temperature and humidity levels comfortable for the occupants of the building.

Electrical engineers handle a building’s electrical systems, such as lighting and power supply. They work closely with mechanical engineers to ensure that power runs through a building’s mechanical units without causing issues for those units.

Plumbing engineers layout a complex system throughout a building. The design team has to work closely with electrical and mechanical engineers because the systems they put in place may need power or space to be coordinated.

Cost Estimation for Projects with MEP Components

Costs for any construction or renovation project include labor, equipment, and specific materials needed for each engineering group. While MEP engineers have to work together, often the cost is broken down into by each type of engineering:

  • Mechanical–Mechanical engineering costs include materials, equipment, and labor. Materials will stay in the building later, and equipment consists of the tools workers will use during the project. Labor is the time and number of workers needed.
  •  Electrical–Electrical costs start with project managers, electricians, contractors, designers, and engineers. As you start construction, you’ll also have to pay for the actual materials and equipment needed for the project. Some equipment can be rented instead of purchased, which may lower the overall cost of your estimate.
  • Plumbing–Plumbing includes the fire suppression system, rainwater drainage, and all pipes and fixtures. You also need to hire professional plumbers who can ensure their work is up to code.

Step Up Your Estimates with Software

Calculating MEP construction costs doesn’t have to be complicated. The best way to keep track of all estimated costs for your projects is to use cloud-based software. This software supports all of your expenses and estimates stored in the cloud instead of a physical hard drive, making it accessible from anywhere.

Having your estimates available anywhere is extremely helpful for your busy construction project. It makes it easier to send information to other parties who need access to this information. You can also automatically send information to anyone involved in your project as information is updated.

Having cost estimation software allows you to keep track of all costs related to a project. However, you can also break down those cost estimates by individual parts so you can see the entire scope of the project.

This feature also allows you to see how much you should expect to spend on MEP engineering costs in total and subcategory. You can then send the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing estimates to each party involved in the project. Breaking down expenses by category before reaching out to your workers allows you to send only relevant costs to the correct group of workers. Sending too little or too much information can result in confusing or inaccurate cost estimates.

Communication is Key

The biggest downfall of any construction project is a lack of communication. This breakdown can happen between the contractor and the client, between the various teams working on the project, or between the contractor and multiple teams. Miscommunication about your project costs can delay your project and result in inaccurate cost measurements.

When working with mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering teams, it’s even more crucial to ensure each group knows which costs are associated with their team. To streamline communication, consider using estimation software that will update all your workers in real-time.

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