Reasons to Consider Becoming a Plumber

Some trades are always in demand because they provide a specialised service that everyone needs. Plumbing is valued because it helps to keep water safe and abundant. But there are many reasons why you might consider working in the highly valued field of plumbing.

Continuous Work Opportunities.

The demand for plumbers means job security. All buildings and homes incorporate both indoor and outdoor plumbing. This will often require professional maintenance. Plumbers can provide specialised skills gained through education and experience. Plumbers most often work locally, without the need for outsourcing. Every location needs its plumber, Blue Mountains, metropolis, or outback.

Consider Becoming Plumber

Open to Anyone.

Plumbing welcomes entry-level candidates with a high school diploma. Trades unions and plumbing companies alike offer apprenticeships to help you develop your skills. You just need a modicum of mechanical aptitude and the time to learn.


Training to be a plumber is accessible and flexible. You get paid during your apprenticeship. You attend a vocational college to balance your workload. You also get to benefit from working alongside experienced plumbers. Additionally, collaborating with HDPE contractors broadens your understanding of different piping materials and installation techniques.


After your apprenticeship, you can get licensed in a range of specialisations. These specialisations broadly cover gas-related mechanisms, piping systems, heating and cooling systems, water and drainage systems, and management.

Independence and Self-Employment.

Plumbers often work largely independently. Once you are licensed, your employer can trust you to work unsupervised. If you work in private homes and businesses, you transport yourself and work directly with customers. Many plumbing tasks only require one tradesman. So, it is natural that plumbers often start their own businesses. It is relatively easy to transition into independent work. For many plumbers this is the easiest, and most lucrative way to do the job.

Varied Work.

Plumbers can commonly take on a variety of different types of jobs during the working week. They can repair appliances such as dishwashers and refrigerators. They can work on heating units such as central heating. They can predict, prevent and repair gas leaks. They can work with air conditioning. These are on top of dealing with your water supply and drainage.


Plumbers use a variety of hand and power tools and can predict the tools they need to take to each job. They install appliances and can solder, weld, and design piping systems. They often use basic carpentry skills to access pipes. Plumbers often work nights and weekends, especially for assignments in busy commercial areas. Some plumbers take on-call shifts and are available for emergency work.

First-time customers can become repeat customers if they like their plumber. This involves customer service, dressing professionally, and doing clean, well-organised work. Plumbers must follow specific safety procedures and regulations to ensure safety in the workplace. In Australia, each state has its own codes that plumbers must adhere to. Plumbing involves a lot of measuring, for example, for distance and for pressure. This leads to the use of multiplication, division, and formulae for certain tasks. Plumbers must keep abreast of new technology to regulate water usage, lower energy costs and save time.

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