Advantages Of Composite Decking Melbourne

In North America, nearly 40 million decks are projected to be more than 20 years old and are showing their age. If one of the decks is yours, you may think twice before choosing the material for the next deck. Wood is increasingly being replaced by composite decking as the choice material for outdoor spaces. Brite Composite Decking Solutions designs to deliver durability, easy maintenance, and lasting beauty to composite decking Melbourne. It offers all the beauty of wood without the hassles of continuous upkeep.

Nowadays homeowners like to spend their time in their outdoor living spaces rather than maintaining them. High-performance composite decking stands up to weather and day-to-day wear much better than wood. Composite decking is also made from recycled content which makes it the best choice for today’s eco-conscious consumers.

Composite Decking

Advantages Of Using Composite Decking

Durability – Composite decking is designed to provide maximum durability. It resists staining, fading, scratching, and mold and does not rot, crack or warp. Composite decking is also insect-proof and splinter-free, making it safer and more comfortable for families with pets and kids.

Low Maintenance – If you have composite decking then you need not worry about sanding, painting, or staining. Just soap and water cleaning are all it requires to maintain beauty and stability for decades. Some decking even comes with a 25 years fade and stain warranty, ensuring that it will continue to appear and perform as well as the first day it was installed.

Aesthetics – With high definition wood grain patterns and rich, saturated colors composite decking feels and looks more natural than ever before. Color options range from deep earth tones to spicy reds and pristine greys including tropically inspired boards featuring the distinct Streaked look of hardwoods. Along with the range of decking looks available, homeowners also find a wide selection of composite accessories like stairs, gates, railings, pergolas, and furniture to have a customized outdoor space.

Sustainability – Composite decking offers the look and feels of wood without environmental impact. The Deck boards are made of recycled content including the reclaimed industrial wood scraps and recycled plastic from items such as newspaper sleeves and shopping bags.

Value – The initial cost of composite decking may be higher when you factor in the cost of ongoing maintenance needed with the wood deck, a composite deck may end up paying for itself in well under 10 years.

Protective Capping To Prevent Molds And Mildew – One of the main benefits of Composite decking for many homeowners is the security provided by the protective cap. Some companies only cap part of the deck board leaving the composite open to invasion by mold and mildew. Some companies have decking lines kept on all four sides to offer superior protection against moisture and even boasts mold guard technology to keep mold and moisture damage out.


Now more and more homeowners are recognizing the benefits of composite decking over traditional wood. Some enthusiasts are drawn to the low maintenance and high value of composite decking, for others the beauty of the color-rich boards win them over. When it comes to deciding the right building material for the backyard space, composite decking products offer high advantages.

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