6 Characteristics of a Good Developer

When it comes to the world of developers, you will see them in their great numbers. But they all come with their different qualities. What you will get from a good developer cannot be gotten from one that did not have the same capacity. But for the business of today to move to the next level; good developers must be involved in the design of the blueprint of such businesses. Now, what are the characteristics of a good developer which you will need to position your brand at the top? The following six are a must if you want to hire developers.

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Characteristics of a Good Developer

The Technical Mindset

You are going to deal with the computer at all times. As for the computer, it is garbage in and garbages out. Your computer has no mindset of its own. A good developer should be one with a high technical mindset. Be careful what you input into the computer and make sure that you are comfortable with your working environment. You will find yourself working with people that do not have the technical know-how on the job. If a developer is good, he will carry others along by effectively carrying them along by making technical issues non-technical. Those that have no technical knowledge of the matter should feel at home in the environment.

Team Player

Two good heads are better than one. A developer will find himself in the midst of colleagues while executing a job. There must be a flow. Worse still, there might be members in the team who know next to nothing about the technicalities involved in the notch. A good developer will make such people feel at home. Communication is very key for the developer who wants to be at the top of his game. It might involve you working directly with the client; it is mandatory to maintain the flow in the line of communication. The ability to collaborate effectively in a team sets the good developers far apart from their contemporaries.


Trends in the industry are very dynamic. Changes can come in at a time that you least expected it to happen. Therefore, if a developer is to be considered as great, he should be one that is committed to learning about the latest developments in the sector. When a problem arises; the best developers will not jump into fashioning solutions to the problem; rather they will investigate the problem. What was the cause of it? Finally, they will study to get lasting solutions to the problem. When such problems are solved; the solution will include a preventive template that will guard against future occurrence.

Be Pragmatic

The problems that developers will encounter can be unique in some instances. A developer should understand and divide in-between the lines that the best solution and the correct solution are not the same. You are to value your own independent work and rely on the solution that you get from such. Yes, there are inspirations around you; however, the best inspiration is the value of your worth.

There are best practices and you can compare notes with colleagues, but your surest bet is your problem-solving skills. A good developer sees himself as the solution to the problem at stake; he will not depend on the solution given by others neither will he be disturbed by the magnitude of the problem at hand. Rather he will take the bulls by the horns and see himself as the only solution to the problem at hand. With that excellent spirit to deliver a solid solution; the good developer will often time come out with the solution that will best solve the problem through his own singular effort and not through the mirror of his colleagues or what he has in the works of experts around him.

Inquisitiveness and Curiosity

A brilliant developer should be one with a very high intelligent quotient. When an effort fails in coding, you are not expected to throw up your arms in surrender; rather deep into the root cause of the failure. Go through the lines and try to find out the reason why the failure occurred. Discover the fault and grow with it by ensuring it never happens again. Ask questions about the project that you are working on in areas where you are not clear enough. Experimentation is part of the way of life of a developer. You should be bold enough to accept the outcome of the results. You will succeed with some while with some other ones, you might not be that lucky.

Analytical Mindset

The ability to undertake good system thinking skills is a must for every developer. The ability to think and probe deep into the problem is a must for the developer that wants to produce a code that will technically produce an outcome that will be celebrated by all. A good developer should be one that has a great ability for problem-solving. That is why you are a developer in the first place. The ability to have a thinking mentality that is not lopsided is a must. The best among the developers should be one that has the traits which will help him get the big details into the picture. He should also possess the mentality to fashion out something out of the minutest of the details at his disposal.

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