A New Take on CBD-Infused Gummies

CBD gummies have gone from a niche way to enjoy CBD to one of the most popular ways of consuming it. Now, there are more places than ever to buy CBD gummies from, with all kinds of unique flavor combinations and ingredients. However, despite this sheer variety, they all tend to be very similar in one fundamental way – they all contain gelatin.

While studies show that most people choose CBD based on their strength and for the purpose of treating specific conditions, some people pick their CBD based on other factors.

For example, vegan CBD users really struggle in the CBD world. The choice to so heavily rely on animal products makes it really difficult for vegans to get into the world of CBD gummies. But what if there was another way?

What if there was a company offering an entirely new take on CBD infused gummies?

CBD-Infused Gummies

What Are CBD Gummies?

For starters, let’s look at what goes into making CBD gummies.

A CBD gummy is essentially just a tasty and convenient way to imbibe CBD oil without having to deal with the irritations of other forms of CBD.

Instead of having to deal with the irritating hassle and off-putting flavors of CBD oil, or even the harshness of smoking CBD-rich cannabis, you can eat a CBD gummy instead.

To make them, manufacturers select CBD-rich cannabis, ideally organic and grown for this purpose, and subject it to an extraction method. Most commonly, it is the CO2 extraction method, whereby carbon dioxide is heated to a supercritical state, allowing it to extract the cannabinoids from the plants without any harmful chemicals.

The CBD-rich solution is then suspended in food oil, such as hemp seed oil or coconut oil, and can be manipulated and turned into other things, such as CBD gummies.

A CBD gummy is essentially a food product made by taking extracted CBD oil and mixing it with sugar and other flavorings. This mixture is then encased in a gelatinizing substance, usually gelatin, to make it chewy and malleable.

It is the substance that is used to turn it into a gummy that is the main problem for many people. While most people don’t really mind where individual ingredients in their food come from, there is an increasing number of vegan CBD users.

It can feel like there are no other options when it comes to CBD gummies if you are a vegan; what are you supposed to do?

One CBD retailer has tried to offer an entirely new take that might be the answer.

How Are the Premium Jane CBD Gummies a New Take?

Premium Jane is a CBD brand that has been around for a few years now, releasing quality products all the while.

However, its recent focus is on providing CBD products sourced from organic ingredients while simultaneously trying to cater to a more niche, health-conscious market.

This includes a move away from animal products and accepting vegan principles. Premium Jane’s CBD gummies are a perfect example of this; they utilize entirely vegan ingredients, giving vegan CBD users the vegan CBD gummy they have been desperate for.

Instead of using gelatin or other animal products to hold the gummies together, they use an intriguing mixture of sugar, pectin, and ascorbic acid. The glucose syrup, containing wheat as a binding agent, is combined with natural plant pectin to aid in gelatinization.

While Premium Jane’s CBD gummies aren’t as solid as other, non-vegan friendly gummy options, they are still solid enough to be chewed and taken individually.

Furthermore, Premium Jane’s products are all sourced only from organic hemp, ensuring that the quality of the CBD products always remains high.

By far, the best part about Premium Jane’s products is the fact that they always come accompanied with a complete lab report. This lab report details every single ingredient, alongside its precise cannabinoid content.

Make sure that wherever you buy your CBD gummies from, they come with independent, third-party lab reports. If you care about what your CBD products are made from and want only to imbibe vegan-friendly CBD products, then places like Premium Jane should be your first port of call.

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