A Buying Guide On LED Lights Strip

Home lighting is becoming famous as time moves forward. For home lighting, LED lights strips are very popular. Everyone uses it for making their home more beautiful and creative. The benefit of using LED lights is that they are more energy-efficient, durable, easily controllable, don’t produce heat, easily programmable and brighter. These lights are also resistant to shock so anyone can use them. Most people are aware of these benefits and using them in their houses for decorating them. However, some people are still not recognizing this beneficial LED lights strip. Where some are confused about the way to buy LED lights strips. That is why we are here to assist you by providing a buying guide on LED Lights strips. This guide will help you to get each thing in detail and you can buy the best LED strip lights for your home.

LED Lights

It will also help you to avoid any fake strip which can cause damage to you and your home by false promises. It is very clear that if a product has benefits, it will also have some cons. The biggest cons of LED lights strip is many strips are fake and do false promises. So we want to avoid this issue from happening with you. For avoiding these types of situations and making a smart decision, you can check our buying guide on the LED lights strip.


1. Types

First thing while buying super long strip LED lights, you should be aware of types of LED lights strip. There are different types available of this product which have their unique advantages and disadvantages. Let’s look at all the types of LED lights strip one by one-

  • DC LED Flex – These LED strips can be cut over two inches and easy to wall mounted. The power of the DC LED flex starts from 12VDC. They also come with adhesive backing so you can easily paste on the wall without facing any difficulties.
  • LED Rope light – These LED strips are omnidirectional and come in standard packaging. This is encased rope lights and easy to maintain. So if you are looking for something easy to handle, you can choose it.
  • AC LED Flex – The next one we have AC LED Flex which runs straight. You don’t need to assemble it or do anything. You can easily plug it in and start using it straight away.
  • High Output LED Strips- These LED strips are expensive and work great for high output. You can easily mount them on rigid walls with a circuit system and onboard drivers.

These were the types of LED lights strip. You just have to identify your requirements before selecting any of them.

2. Length of LED Lights Strip

The next component you should keep in your mind while selecting the LED lights strip is the length. If you want a luminuos look and a heavy view, you should go for maximum length. You can also check the placement of LED lights on the strip because it decides the output. Sometimes if LED lights are placed too far from one to another, it can cause low lights and you will not get that much great result with it. So for more brightness and maximum output, you should check the highest number of LEDs on the strip and how they are placed or what is the distance between each LED light on a strip? You can also check the exact measurement for avoiding any type of confusion while purchasing LED lights strips.

3. Colours of LED Lights strip

One of the most important things is the colours of the LED lights strip. They came in a variety of colours with single or multiple options. You can choose them according to your tastes and requirements. If you want a single colour because they are very basic and in need of many people. You can choose neutral white, warm white, green, blue, red, yellow or ultraviolet colours in a single option. If you are looking for colour changing or RGB lights, you can get them with a controller. These lights will show red, green and blue colours one by one. You can choose the sequence by the controller.

4. Other features

We have explained some of the main points you should look for while buying an LED lights strip. You can also look for a waterproof feature because it can make your lights durable for a long time. The installation procedure should be checked while buying it. You should check the wattage too for avoiding any extra electricity consumption. Apart from these features, you can check for patterns and different types of LED lights strip.


We have mentioned each point in our buying guide on LED lights strips for clearing your confusion. For home decoration on different occasions, it is very important to have something extraordinary in your decoration bucket. That’s why technology has come with these LED lights strips for making your place more beautiful and bright. You can check our buying guide on LED lights strips for more information. For more updates, Stay in touch with us.


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