What to Look for When Selecting a Body Corporate Management Company

Owning an apartment or strata unit requires that you and the rest of the unit owners hire a professional body corporate management company. Finding strata management services can be challenging for any individual, especially when you don’t know the most effective criteria. Several factors determine whether a body corporate management Melbourne is good enough. As you decide on a body corporate management company to work with, it’s best to keep your needs in mind to pick the best option.

Body Corporate Management Company

Response and commitment

One of the tell-tales that a management company is good is how fast and well they respond to clients. The company should have the capacity to handle tasks beyond the scope of the service you’re seeking. How fast the company responds to your emails or calls will tell you how dedicated they are to meeting their business responsibilities.

Should know the area well

It is essential to work with body corporate management Melbourne, which understands the challenges unique to your strata development. Selecting a company that’s familiar with the happenings around your development means they’re better placed to handle any arising challenges as they come. Local knowledge will ultimately help in avoiding the high cost incurred from unexpected issues.

Financial Integrity

One of the most important factors to consider when searching for good body corporate management Melbourne is their financial integrity. The best way to know this is by looking at the accounts they hold. They should have separate accounts for the various properties they manage. Doing so makes it easier to ensure that the money collected is used for what its intended to and not on another property.


When it comes to management service providers, the experience is very crucial. Therefore, it’s important to consider companies with adequate experience in managing properties like yours. Experience means the body corporate management Melbourne is always one step ahead of any issue that may arise.

Clear Expectations

Ensure that as you enter into a contract, all terms are clear to all parties. Having a transparent and reasonable agreement with the strata management service provider protects you from unnecessary future arguments. Unnecessary conflicts sometimes lead to legal problems that you could avoid by making expectations clear from the start. There should be clear communication of complex regulations and financial details from the company.


A body corporation management company that’s available to you anytime will give you peace of mind. Availability means their services are always just a call away, without any unnecessary delay that can prove costly. The body corporate management Melbourne should have a laid-out plan that helps them respond faster to clients’ complaints and requests.


You’re probably now aware that finding a good body corporate management Melbourne requires proper screening. Take your time and go through various companies, comparing and ensuring you get what you need. Just ensure that you look for professionalism even as you keep your unique needs in mind.

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