The Best Water Filters for the Home

When buying a water filter for home use, it is crucial to understand that the benefits go far beyond you and your family’s health. Filtered water is good for the longevity of your appliances, and it improves the taste of your food as well. Imagine a cup of coffee with unfiltered eggy-smelling water. It is not only unpalatable, but it is also unsafe.

Best Water Filters for the Home

What do water filters do?

Since 90% of our drinking water comes from public sources, we have very little control over the treatment process. However, once it reaches our taps, we have absolute control over how we consume it. That is why we need a water filter in our households.

Water filters become crucial in the home setting to filter out heavy metals, chlorine, plastics and other contaminants that make their way into the water once it leaves the safety of the treatment plants.

Types of Water filters for the home

There are several types of water filters for the home that you will come across when looking at home water filter reviews. They include

Faucet-mount water filters

These are filters screwed onto the end of the standard water faucet that provide consistent filtration every time the water runs through them. They reduce the chlorine taste in water as well as any other sediment in the water. Some models have a diverter to switch from filtered to unfiltered water and vice versa.

Water filter pitchers

These are simple pitchers with a filter on top to filter small quantities of water stored in the fridge or counter. They are useful for removing sediments, chlorine taste, and heavy metals.

Refrigerator filters

This type of filter comes built in the refrigerator, and it does a great job of filtering the drinking water and ice. It is effective in filtering out heavy metals like lead and mercury, cysts and expunging bad tastes and odors in the water.

Showerhead filters

When you want to filter your bathing water using a showerhead filter is your best bet. It is easy to install since you fit the filter between the showerhead and the stem of the shower. It reduces chlorine in the water and traps any sediment from the old pipes.

Under the sink filters

This solution also offers continuous filtration like the faucet filter keeping the water safe for drinking and cooking. Unlike the faucet option, however, it takes up a lot more room, which is why it is under the sink, and the installation process is more complicated. If you opt for the multistage models, you can have the water filtered in three steps beginning with sediment filters followed by carbon filters and finally reverse osmosis filtration.

Whole house water filters

You can opt for a system that filters your entire supply to clean out your drinking, washing, bathing and cooking water. The installation may require a professional installer, and you can even put some water softener to make the water more natural. These types of filters go as far as filtering out pathogens, viruses, and bacteria in the water.


It is crucial to drink safe water and use properly cleaned water. It keeps you healthy, and it tastes great too.

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