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It is a common saying that we all need some quiet time at some point in our busy lives. Thus, vacationing has become a popular chill-off venture embarked on by many people worldwide, especially in the United States. I mean, who doesn’t love quiet mornings augmented with fancy breakfasts followed by sunny afternoons spent by the beach or poolside?

However, as humans vary in behavior, they vary in their choices and preferences, such as fashion, taste, food, and style. Similarly, humans also differ in relaxation forms, ranging from outdoor vacations to indoor chill spots. No matter the format, the aim is always to ease stress while also having a good time.

Vacation Home

As a result, there has been an increase in investments in rental cabins in the US, with most couples and families prioritizing a good time over the cost. If you are keen on discovering the best place to purchase a vacation for you and your family, or you desire to acquire investments in rental cabins, then this article is just for you. Kindly sit back, relax and enjoy the content.

Why Buy a Vacation Home?

Buying a vacation home gives you the freedom to decide when and where you want to vacation without you having to bother about future housing costs. This act is very effective, especially if you cannot get over visiting a particular location. It also allows you to spend as much time as you wish in the desired location, giving you enough time to unwind, relax and strategize before resuming work. Therefore, For vacation home purposes, you can directly contact holiday home letting agency as they provide the best services.

You can also rent out your vacation home to other families who may wish to visit the area, thus serving as a means of secondary income. This fact is supported by a 2019 survey that showed that more than 7,000 vacation homeowners listed their houses on rental sites for short periods to get extra income.

Best Vacation Home Locations

In 2019, Vacasa, a vacation rental management site, released its second annual “Best US Destinations to Invest In” report. The report highlighted the best vacation locations worthy of investments in the US for the year 2019. By analyzing home sales and rental data in vacation areas around the country, the company published its revered report.

The study also showed that 65% of the vacationers in the market were indecisive about where to purchase their vacation home. However, the report didn’t reveal all the information about investments in rental cabins.

Similarly, also conducted similar research alongside Weiss Analytics to reveal that drive-through destinations were in demand. They postulated that trends have resulted in a massive shift in the market, with drive-through locations within 2-5 drive hours of major metropolitan areas likely to see better performance.

Nevertheless, this study bolsters my earlier point that preferences vary as some travelers still enjoy long journeys to foreign lands or distant locations within the country. Your destination choice ultimately depends on the experience you wish to get. That being said, here are some of the best places to buy vacation rental property in 2021.

Towns Along the Appalachian Smoky Mountains

The Smoky Mountains of the Appalachian Range are probably one of the most breathtaking sights you’ll see over time. Tucked along the border between Tennessee and North Carolina, the mountains form part of the Blue Ridge Physiographic Province. It is the home of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and boasts of over 11 million visitors per year.

The Smoky Mountains are home to exceptional settlements such as Whittier, North Carolina, and Sevierville, Tennessee, both of which are great spots to buy a vacation. Whittier, for instance, is a quiet home to just 5,600 people, and it is located near big attractions such as the Eastern Cherokee Reservation and Dollywood. Also around it are venues for fly fishing, hunting, gem mining, and much more.

Another great town near this beautiful mountain range is Sevierville, the hometown of the legendary Dolly Parton. Situated near Pigeon Forge, it is best described as a tourism miracle due to its scenic environment and the presence of the famous Dollywood, founded by Dolly Parton. Dollywood has grown to become Tennessee’s biggest attraction, with traffic reaching up to 3 million annually.

The influx of tourists to the area has continued to cause a boom in the area, resulting in massive development and increased attraction sites. Thus, by acquiring investments in rental cabins in the city, you will take advantage of the tourist situation for profit generation.

Davenport, Florida

Another excellent vacation home location is Davenport, Florida, a seemingly small town whose population has grown over 200% in the past decade. Situated an hour’s drive from the Orlando International Airport, the city allows you to escape the busy theme park crowds, thus availing you the chance to mingle with the friendly locals.

At Davenport, you get to experience nature at peace when you visit Lake Davenport, see the process of wine production at the True Blue Winery, and many more. Investing in a vacation rental in this area gives you an edge over others as it is pretty close to the airport.

The Disney City of Kissimmee, Florida

Have you ever dreamed of living in a magical land? Then, you can make that dream come true by buying a vacation home in the Disney City of Kissimmee, Florida, located southeast of Lake Tohopekaliga. The city is a part of the Orlando metropolis, and it houses near 71,000 residents.

Asides from being the home of Disneyland, there is also the presence of theme parks like Legoland, Universal Orlando Resort, and even SeaWorld. You also get to visit Gatorland, play some golf, and take some boat rides.

The Dauphin Island of Alabama

You must have heard of the Sunset Capital of Alabama, a protected bird sanctuary located on a thin 14-mile island. Well, that island is Dauphin Island, and it is home to just near 1,300 people. Its major attractions include the Dauphin Island Sea Lab, the historic Fort Gaines, public golf courses, and the Audubon Bird Sanctuary.

Buying a house in this area allows you to experience the beauty of natural diversity while also appreciating the breathtaking fauna of the island.

Other unique vacation locations that you can buy houses in include the island city of Key West, Florida, the gateway city of Big Sky, and many more. You can also consider purchasing a beach house for rental income in the coastal town of Fort Bragg.

Own Your Dream House Now

Purchasing any house, be it a vacation home or an average home, is very tricky as you have to choose between different great options. Little wonder many enlist the help of renowned real estate agencies such as The Short Term Shop to aid them during the process. If you are keen to purchase the vacation home of your dreams, do well to contact us to give you the best experience.

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