Benefits Of Having A Grow Tent In Your Home

Have you ever thought about setting up grow tents as your primary means of cultivating your plants? More and more gardeners and farmers are switching to grow tents, perhaps you should do the same.

It does not matter whether you are an experienced gardener, an amateur, or a hobbyist, all gardeners and farmers face the same kinds of problems and challenges in cultivating their crops. Since most domestic plants are not native to North America, many garden plants and agricultural crops are inherently not frost resistant. Extreme temperatures, especially in winters, can be very detrimental to the lives of plants. Pest infestation is another problem. Many plants can be defenseless from many insects and fungi.Benefits Of Having A Grow Tent In Your Home

The use of grow tents remains to be the easiest solution to deal with these kinds of issues. Indeed, grow tents are rapidly becoming more popular, different styles, designs, and brands now exist to cater to the changing needs of most gardeners and farmers. Visit the WeekendGardener for the list of the best grow tents!

As you try to decide on whether to finally switch to using a grow tent, here is a list of the six most common advantages of using an indoor grow tent. Hopefully, this list helps you make that jump from outdoor gardening to using grow tents.

Grow tents prevent pest infestations

When a farmer plants outdoors, he puts his crops under the mercy of the weather and predatory pests. Once the plants are outdoors, pests such as Black Bean Aphid come in and easily devours the leaves of the plants. Other types of pests like different species of mites, caterpillars, and microbes such as bacteria, and fungi can easily destroy a garden. There are even cases when domestic animals such as goats and cows have trampled and eaten unsecured crops. A grow tent will allow a grower better control of the environment by which his crops grow. Vigilant monitoring of plant health is also easier to grow tents because you do not have to take into account the weather and most pests.

Grow tents are energy efficient  

Perhaps one of the biggest surprises in maintaining a garden is the huge cost of utility. This is because gardening is not only labor-intensive, it also eats up a lot of energy. Using grow tents for your garden offers you the option to provide a more energy-efficient set up in planting your crops. Grow tents minimizes the need for the use of special lighting than indoor farming. In some cases, grow tents are designed and equipped with energy-saving devices such as solar panels. As well, the ventilation of most grow tents consumes less energy than the ventilation set up for indoor farming or even in greenhouses.

Grow tents are simple and easy to set up and maintained 

The advantages of grow tents and greenhouses are almost the same. However, what sets grow tents apart from greenhouses is the ease of setting up and maintaining them. The bane of most gardeners and farmers who have decided to install a greenhouse is the meticulous and time-intensive work involved in setting up the whole structure. A single person is not capable of building a greenhouse on his own. Greenhouses also require a certain level of skills in construction should a gardener decide to build it by himself. One of the best things about opting to install a grow tent is how easy it is to set up and maintain which requires only a single person to set up. Grow tents have the simplest design, often composed of an easy to set up metal frame and the tent material. With just a few easy steps, you can attach your air filter, lights, and fans on the roof frame of a grow tent without any difficulty.

Grow tent maximizes the use of space

Let’s face it, not everyone has acres of land in their backyard. Garden space has always been an issue for many gardeners and farmers. In most places, garden space is available at a premium price. This is especially true for home gardeners who live in places where outdoor space is at a premium like in urban areas, apartments, or condominium buildings. Grow tents come in different sizes, and thus, there many options to choose from based on your space requirements. In fact, among urban gardeners and farmers who live in apartment buildings, a 2×2 feet grow tent is commonly used in their home balcony’s mini garden.

Grow tents allow people with allergies to set up their own gardens

Every spring, many people experience hay fever due to the rise of pollen in the air. Many amateur gardeners fail to anticipate their allergies when starting a garden in their own homes. Reality kicks them hard once their pollen allergies start acting up. In small amounts, pollen from plants is barely noticeable. But once you start planting a huge number of flowering plants, pollen allergy is inevitable. An excellent grow tent set up should consist not only of the tent structure and the tent. It should also consist of a very good ventilation system that can be set up above. This ventilation system can easily rid your garden of the pollen from your crops while providing ample amounts of fresh air inside.

So, should you switch to grow tents now? 

Given these advantages, many gardeners and farmers have now made the switch to using grow tents. For anyone who wishes to take gardening or farming seriously, using a grow tent set up would be the best course of action. We know it is not easy to reimagine your outdoor garden. It takes time to decide on things that will affect your garden. We just hope that through this list we have helped you make the right decision for your garden.

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