Are you looking for a Website For Aquarium Pet Enthusiasts? You’ve found one!

Welcome, friend! What a web journey you had. Rejoice, because finally, you’ve found what you so desire: a website for aquarium pet enthusiasts like you!

And you’re in good company. Do you know that over 12 million US households own aquarium pets? And out of the lot, those households keep over 158 million fish pets and most of them are betta fish lovers.

Incredible numbers!

Aquarium Pet Enthusiasts

By the way, which pets do you prefer? Freshwater or Saltwater fish?

We’re Aquarium Labs! And we have some delightful offerings for you regardless of your choice. Be free, and take your time!

We understand that keeping any pet requires work. As such, you need guides and tools. But, which can you trust?

Borne out of our understanding, we took our time to help you out. Check what you’d find on our website!

Aquarium Pet

Aquarium Labs To Your Aid


Our guides cover all aspects of aquarium pet keeping. And it doesn’t matter if you’re a greenhorn or a pro; we have varied guides to make your aquarium a beauty.

From fish-specific tips, setting up a DIY aquarium, the just fit lighting, to what filter to use! You name it; we have it all on our website.

Perhaps you wonder if our guides are detailed enough. They are!

We go as far as providing features, dimensioning, and citing real-life examples. Yet, we add images, infographics, and videos whenever we can.

So, you see! We don’t just talk; we walk our talks!


In addition to our guides, we yet have several informational articles that an aquarium pet enthusiast like you would love. Most of our how-tos focus on three areas crucial to the survival of your pets:

  • water heaters,
  • water filters, and
  • lighting

Perhaps you wonder, why didn’t we add how to make pelleted feed for pets? Or have a piece on auctioning your aquarium.

Sorry to dash your hopes! Feeding and sales are straightforward. You can get feeds for your pets and make sales if you so wish with ease.

However, getting the just fit water heater, filter, and lighting for your pets requires work. Besides, even with feed, if your pets lack adequate light, clean water, and appropriate water temperature, they will die off.

Nevertheless, we yet provide descriptions and reviews on feed related machines. So, we got you!

Product Reviews

Talking about product descriptions for feed-related machines, we offer more than that. We do both round-up and single reviews. However, our round-ups outnumber the singles. Why?

Don’t you love the luxury of options? You get to pick from several quality products! And the Eureka that follows!

We know you do. And that’s why we often provide a list of top quality items to make your aquarium a delight.

Out reviews entail (but not limited to) varied fish tanks, comparison of fish feed & protein skimmer, and aquarium chillers. Also, we always include a direct link to the product page on Amazon, where you can get the exactly described item.

For transparency, when you click the Amazon links, we’ll get a fair percentage for all our troubles. We deserve at least that much, eh?

In all, Aquarium Labs is not only a website for aquarium pet enthusiasts but a one-stop venue for all things tanks, even for pros.

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