How Investing On Aquaguard AMC Charges Can Save You From Falling Sick?

Investing in a water purification system has a lot more benefits than we could think of. While the function of a water filter is to only serve filtered, distilled and pure drinking water to the household, but have you ever thought, in doing so, what other benefits we are also reaping from this small electronic machine?

First things first, by getting pure, UV and RO treated water from an Acquaguard water filter, we are keeping thousands of bacteria, microorganisms, and toxic elements at bay. All the above elements that we have mentioned here are very easily found in drinking water that is supplied to our household and offices by the municipality. However, with water purifier manufacturer like Aquaguard, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is never difficult.

The reason behind this is that once you have installed a water purifier in your home or office based on the requirements, number of members dependent on the purifier, and hardness and harshness of water, the only recurring cost needed is to pay for the AMC. AMC or annual maintenance cost is a particular amount that consumers and users need to pay to the manufacturer of the water purifier. The amount, as the name suggests, is needed to be paid once in a year and across the year the consumer can enjoy servicing benefits, changes and repairing of parts of the water filter.

Aquaguard AMC Charges

How Investing On Aquaguard AMC Charges Can Save You From Falling Sick?

Aquaguard AMC charges can actually save the household cost and make your pocket feel heavier. While any average Indian family of four people spends much in soda water, and carbonated drinks, drinking distilled water right from the purifier can help save unnecessary expenditure, while stopping the body from getting dehydrated as well. If you feel positive about drinking energy drinks, they have the same effect. Instead, gulping a glass full of pure and filtered water, which is free of all contaminants, can bring all the goodness and pump up good health.

Benefits of drinking water and how it promotes good health is not a new thing to share. We all are well acquainted of that fact that the much water we consume, we would have a healthy appetite, glowing skin, and lustrous hair. Toxins that we consume through breathing, pollution, and by consuming fast foods and unhealthy lifestyle, water can flush it out all from our system. An average grown-up human being should consume as many as 4 liters of pure, filtered, and distilled water every day. By investing in Aquaguard AMC cost, you are getting rid of all these health hazards at one go.

Water purifies clean thousands of impurities from drinking water. Municipality water comprises a lot of heavy metals, toxins, microbes and living organisms that are the main reason behind water-borne diseases. Studies have found out that RO+ UV water can reduce all the chemicals from your drinking water.

Chlorine is one of the most prominent chemical presents in drinking water that is supplied by the city authority to our homes and workplaces. Yes, it’s the same chlorine that is used to clean swimming pools. Chlorine is added in your drinking water to kill certain bacteria and reduce toxicity. However, if the amount goes high, it can make you sick. Water filters balance the amount of chlorine. A decent carbon filter will reduce the chlorine by 99%so that life- saving water does not turn into the reason for birth defects and urinary tract abnormalities.

Lead is another heavy metal and contaminant that is almost always present in your tap water. Old pipes, cost-saving measures, and disregard for public health can all lead to higher levels of lead present in your drinking water. A flirtation system always helps to get rid of this heavy metal and the diseases it can bring into.

Arsenic, Copper, E. Coli, Enterovirus, Radon, Salmonella, Shigella are again the contaminates that is present in our drinking water. No matter how clean we are while preserving our drinking water, filtration is the only method to get rid of these pollutants. These are coupled with water-transmitted viruses that welcome infectious diseases. One might assume that boiling drinking water can save from water-borne diseases. However, boiled water also cannot make drinking water 100 percent free from all the pathogens. A carbon filter is the only effective solution in destroying living organisms in drinking water.

Hepatitis A, norovirus, and rotavirus can all be transmitted through water. In most cases, these viruses enter water through animal or human waste. If not paid attention to the filtration process, health hazards can come through drinking water in no time. Annual maintenance ensures that the water purifier is working just fine and delivering distilled and clean water to the members of the family. A routine monitoring system gets rid of all the viruses that might have caused damage to the filters inside the water purifier.

Coming to the water filtration system, RO or Reverse Osmosis is the most vividly used system for general household setups. In the Reverse Osmosis system, water is run through a mesh membrane which can remove up to 99 percent of contaminants. However, the drawback of using only RO filter is that it often also flushes out essential minerals that are useful to our body and can only be consumed through water.

To save situations like this, and to retain pH balance and taste of the drinking water intact, RO filters are coupled with carbon filters and UV filters.

The next step up from a pitcher or faucet filter is a reverse osmosis water filtration system. This system works automatically, so you never need to worry about running out of clean water or forgetting to buy filters. The only treatment is needed to make these filters run to its fullest is to run a servicing every year by the company professionals. So invest in a water filter and make it your best friend to have a healthy life.

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