Why Animated Explainer Video is the Right Choice To Attract Your Visitor?

Animated content continues to grow in popularity since it is a cost-efficient and effective method to get your name out there. For the dynamic world to notice them, presentations, promotions, corporate videos, website interfaces, and even logos are shifting to an animated format. What is animation, and how can it help you with your business tasks?

Animated Explainer Video

Animation attracts

People are more aware of what is moving. This formerly assisted us in saving our lives, but today it assists us in saving valuable time. As a result, every text that can be animated must do so. Explainer animation video makes all presentations, extensive instructions, and complex numbers easier to explain.

In the daily stream of news and advertising content that pours on us from all channels, the brain uses a defense mechanism, blocking “unnecessary” information and showing what you like.

The brain interprets animation as “entertaining” stuff – colorful visuals, characters, and imagery. It attracts attention, lengthens the commercial’s watching time, and improves recall. And when you consider that animation is less expensive to produce than recording a video with ai video maker, it’s a win-win situation for all sides.

The animation explains everything.

Despite the fact that animation is enjoyable, consumers flock to the brand to do more than just have fun. They will not watch advertisements as if they were cartoons simply because they are not cartoons. The customer will seek a solution to his problem, and animation will emerge as a suitable medium for delivering information.

If you understand your audience’s demands and wish to provide simple solutions, animation may help you do it in a unique and attractive way. People desire rapid access to information, especially in the form of a brief squeeze. This requirement is met by animation, which communicates complicated material using simple images. This is why instructional, tutorial, comparative, and large data infographic formats are so popular.

Important: the tone of the message should match the point where the consumer meets your video and solve their problem. That is, a girl who is looking for how to cure a cat is unlikely to take a joke video from a veterinary clinic about a pet’s diseases. But the seriousness of the bank and its longreads of instructions in small print will perfectly facilitate a funny form of presentation with characters in which everyone can recognize themselves.

Animated Explainer Video

What can be “animated”:

  • presentation of a new product;
  • loyalty program;
  • teaching material;
  • instructions;
  • voluminous research.

Animation sells

And this is confirmed by research – according to Forbes, the animation format helps a business to increase revenue by 49%.

Giants such as Coca-Cola, Red Bull, M & Ms are actively using the possibilities of animation, creating funny and life stories. For any product, this is a bright way to declare itself, stand out in the advertising “clutter” and sink into the consumer’s memory as a bright pixel.

If there is a bright idea, then the animation implementation can enhance it at times. And vice versa – if you have chosen animation as a communication tool, its artistic possibilities can inspire you to bright creativity.

What can be “animated”:

  • consumption situation;
  • fast decision;
  • limited offer;
  • image promo of the product;
  • heroes or superheroes

What do you need?

Marketing budgets don’t always include full-length shots. Especially now, when most of the companies have reduced their advertising costs. Animation will cost significantly less in production, and restrictions associated with quarantine or other force majeure are not important for its creation. Designers and animators can work remotely.

But is animation always appropriate? Knowing about your audience and analyzing business objectives will help determine this.

Check questions for analysis:

  • Do I have an idea or just want to cut my budget?
  • How does my target audience react to animated content?
  • Where is my target audience? What is watching Youtube in between working emails?
  • Are there already successful animation cases of similar products/services?
  • Can my message be conveyed clearly with animation?
  • In what form?

With the last two points, production or an agency that creates animation videos will help you figure it out.


The artistic possibilities of animation are at their peak. The willingness of people to watch interesting content is more relevant than ever. All that remains is to draw, animate, render and launch your creative idea into the world. You can also check out the best explainer video companies to get a better understanding of who to partner with.

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