Alhambra Granada – A Must Visit Palace in Spain

When you go to Spain for either holiday or business, be sure to make a stop at the Alhambra Granada. It is basically an ancient fortress that has been turned into a popular tourist object in the area of Granada. The actual name of the fortress is Alhambra (taken from Arabic qa’lat al-Hamra’ – meaning the Red castle). It is pretty easy to see why the fortress was given the name because it was built from the reddish dusty stone, forming a thick surrounding around the castle. Most people would refer it to Alhambra Granada, which means the Alhambra castle located in Granada, Spain.  If you want to, there are also different types of tours for this Alhambra Granada Spain.

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Alhambra Granada: The Beauty from the Past

The Alhambra Palace is located on the top of al-Sabika, a majestic hill in Granada. The hill is surrounded by Daro River on the left which is located on the western side of the Granada. The hill itself is located around the areas of Alcazaba and Albaicin. From the location alone, you can see that this palace is situated in a very strategic location as it overviews the meadow (known as the La Vega) and the entire city. Daro River is located in the northern area, with Cuesta del Rey Chico on the east, and al-Sabika valley on the south. Cuesta del Rey Chico street itself is the border between Albaicin and Generalife Gardens, situated on the top hilly side of Cerro del Sol (the Hill of the Sun).

The Long History of Alhambra Granada Palace

No one knows exactly when the Alhambra was built or when it was efficiently used as a fortress, but the record dated back to the 9th century – which was believed to be many years after the place was originally constructed.  According to the history, the fortress was mostly efficient during Nasrid Emirs reign, which takes place around 13th to 14th century, where the North African Muslims (also known as the Moors) resided in this area. According to the record, Mohammed V and Yusuf I built the Palacio Nazaries, the special sections from the complex (most of the parts) in an artistic and beautiful manner for accommodation and living.

Later on, after the Moors were defeated by the Spanish Christian monarchs and then reclaimed Granada in 492, the Christian monarchs used the Alhambra for themselves. They destroy some sections, add some, and even destroy some parts of the Palacio Nazaries. In the 1700s, the entire spot was disrepair and then claimed as historical spot – protected under international monument claim in 1870. It is a good thing that it is now well taken care of and included as one of the UNESCO World Heritage spots.

The Current Condition

Alhambra granada spain

You can still see the majestic structure from the exterior look, which is lush from the greeneries. It is surrounded by shady and cool palm trees, offering green and calming effect. There are also some pools that will refresh the atmosphere during hot days.

The feeling will be deeper and greater when you step into the Granada Alhambra palace. You can still feel the power and strength from the past, and somehow, you are surrounded by the ghosts of the past times. The palace is beautiful (there is no doubt about it), filled with artistic Arabic arts and myths. You will feel as if you were taking a step into an old and ancient story book – feeling small and humbled by the great history around you.

From afar, you can see that this fortress is majestic and proud, standing tall on the hill. The castle is perfectly hidden behind the boundary walls, which stands out from afar because of the reddish hue. It delivers a pretty picture of the surrounding view, especially when it is viewed against Sierra Nevada’s snowy peaks on the background.

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The Available Tours

It is up to you whether you want to explore the castle by yourself or you decide to join in a tour. You can explore the castle around and not realize that the time is up. The tickets will be available for either morning or afternoon time. You are basically given a half day to travel around, so be sure to make use of it wisely.  When you buy the ticket, the entrance to the special Palacio Nazaries will be included, but keep n mind that the regulation is getting strict. Since each visit can only accommodate 300 people, your ticket will be given a timestamp. That’s why to make sure that you use this opportunity or you will miss out a lot of things.

If you want to join in a tour, be sure to reserve for one before. It is advisable that you make the booking a month before your actual visit day. You can choose a private tour or the regular one. Keep in mind, though, that the private tour will be more expensive. A regular tour may cost you around €50 while a private one will cost you around €250.

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