Wood vs. Vinyl Pergolas: The Comparison

If you’re walking through a neighborhood and see a pergola in someone’s backyard, you might admire it. Pergolas don’t cost much, and you can get a lot of use out of them. You can utilize them for all kinds of gatherings, or you might enjoy some quiet time in yours when no one else is around.

You can buy a durable 12 x 12 pergola right now that is modestly priced. Before you do, though, you should think about whether you would prefer a wooden one or one of the vinyl models that are available. Let’s talk about the pros and cons of both right now.

Wood vs. Vinyl Pergolas

Wooden Pergolas

The biggest difference between wooden and vinyl pergolas is that the first is natural, while the second is made by humans. In other words, vinyl is synthetic.

Why does this matter? Mostly you have to look at it from the standpoint of wooden pergolas being subjected to the wear and tear that comes with age. Since pergolas are usually outside, they are subjected to rain, snow, sleet, and various other weather patterns.

This means you can expect that a wooden pergola will not last forever, especially if you reside in an environment that gets a lot of severe weather. Most of its structural integrity will last several years, but you may need to periodically replace pieces of wood that warp or are otherwise damaged.

It’s in the area of aesthetics that some homeowners feel that wood has vinyl beat. There’s something about seeing a wooden pergola out of doors in a natural setting that’s undeniably enjoyable. Vinyl, by contrast, looks more artificial.

Vinyl Pergolas

A vinyl pergola can stand up to the elements better than a wooden one. It will not show the same signs of wear that will become visible with a wooden pergola as the years pass. It will hold up to rainstorms, snowstorms, and other harsh weather events that you can expect if you live in parts of the Northeast and Midwestern states.

Some individuals who want pergolas feel that the wooden pergola looks better, though. A vinyl pergola has an artificial look to it that is hard to disguise. That fact alone might be enough to make someone want a wooden one, even though they must then worry about the upkeep.

Which is Better for Your Situation?

When you’re looking at wooden and vinyl pergolas, consider these factors. Either a vinyl or wooden one in your backyard should get a lot of use, but a vinyl one won’t need yearly maintenance. You can expect that with a wooden one as time passes.

You might make your decision based in part on whether you also have a back deck and fence along with your pergola. Assuming you do, a vinyl one might look incongruous if the deck and fence are made of wood. If all you’re concerned with are aesthetics, and you don’t mind repairing your pergola from time to time, then a wooden one may suit your needs.

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