Why You Should Include Videos on Your Website

Videos have now become a daily consumption for most of us while we’re scrolling our social media feeds or simply just being online. From meme compilations to educational videos, internet users are attached to this engaging format, making it a potent medium for marketers to expand their reach and improve their overall marketing campaigns.

In this digital era, the benefits of video marketing are undeniable for savvy marketers. And today’s video marketing campaigns are so much more than creating quality videos and sharing them on social media platforms. To get its full potential, you also need to include them on your own website.

Videos on Your Website

Here are some benefits you will get if you have a well-crafted video on your website:

Higher Your Website Rank

Did you know that a website with a video is 53 times more likely to appear on the first page of SERPs? This means that having a video on your website can increase your website traffic and boost your online presence. In other words, it will be a powerful addition to your overall SEO efforts.

The reason why videos can increase your SERPs rank is that Google and other search engines value videos as a high-quality piece of content. That’s why it prioritizes websites with video content rather than 3,500-word articles.

Show and Tell Who You Are

You can add a video to your homepage or About Us page to give visitors an idea of who you are and what your business is all about. A video will be able to tell people more than words can, especially if it’s a type that shows instead of tells like an explainer or demo video for example.

With a concise and straightforward video, your visitors don’t have to spend minutes reading bulky descriptions just to understand products or services. Instead, they can get a glimpse of your brand with only one click. When you create a convenient browsing experience, you make those visitors even more interested in exploring your brand.

Simplify Your Complex Messages

When you have complicated and complex messages it’s always challenging to get them across to your visitors without making them overwhelmed. However, you can transform the most complicated of messages into a more digestible and easy-to-understand format by making them into videos. This is why many businesses in industries like technology and healthcare rely heavily on videos.

Videos also help your visitors remember what they see and hear on your website. According to research, people retain 90% of information about an event when there is multimedia involved compared to only 30% if they absorb it through plain text.

Make Your Website Looks More Professional

A professional-looking video makes your website more professional and credible. This medium allows you to tell your brand’s identity, voice, mission, and goals in such an engaging way.

So, it would be much easier for your visitors to understand that you’re an expert in your field and get some reasons why you are different from your competitors.

In this case, customer testimonial videos, short-video content, product demo videos, or explainer videos are powerful video types to showcase your professionalism and authenticity. You can use motion graphics to create simple animations or complex visual effects. However, you also need to remember that you may need to invest in professional video production to get high-quality videos.

Set Clear Expectations

When you manage an e-commerce website, you can use product demo videos to help your potential customers understand the features of a product, how it actually works, and how it even looks in real life.

It helps visitors or potential customers set a clear expectation of what they’re getting before they purchase the product. This is how video can establish trust with your potential customers so that they will feel confident in their decision when buying your product or service online.

Spark Genuine Connection

Videos can help you establish deeper connections with your website visitors. A blog post or article is great for informing and persuading, but it seems so impersonal and doesn’t create an emotional connection as videos do. You’ll be able to effectively showcase who you are and connect better by using the right types of videos.

With videos, you can use tone and language– even insert some jokes that match with your visitors’ interests and preferences. This will help you create a genuine connection and show people why they should be interested in doing business with your brand.

Increase Your Conversions

From all the points mentioned before, it’s clear now that videos can educate your visitors better, generate more trust, and make them emotionally connected with your brand. All of this will result in an increased conversion rate.

Whether it’s for generating more leads or increasing sales, videos encourage your visitors to take action. After all, people are more likely to convert when they watch a video about your products or services because, right before their eyes, they see the benefits and how it will impact them in real life.

Final Thoughts

Having a high-converting is so much more than investing in an eye-catching design. You also need to provide visitors with content they want and need. This is why your video is such a perfect addition to your website. The more appealing you make your videos, the better results you’ll get in return.



Andre Oentoro is the founder of Breadnbeyond, an award-winning explainer video company. He helps businesses increase conversion rates, close more sales, and get positive ROI from explainer videos (in that order).

Twitter: @breadnbeyond

Email: andre@breadnbeyond.com

LinkedIn: Andre Oentoro

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