9 Uses of Aloe Vera that You must Know for Personal Health Benefits

Belonging to the genus Aloe; Aloe Vera is a plant species characterized by its succulent leaves which are the source of pure aloe gel. The Aloe Vera plant is an evergreen perennial which means it thrives throughout the year in the right climatic conditions. There are many uses pf aloe vera while this plant is known to have originated in the Arabian Peninsula; it thrives anywhere and usually grows wild in tropical regions of the world.

It is important to note that while the Aloe Vera plant grows wild in places with tropical climatic conditions; it is also highly sought after all around the world because of its medicinal and cosmetic uses. The gel extracted from Aloe Vera leaves is used in shampoos, skin creams, face washes, hair oils and various herbal medications. Owing to its various uses; Aloe Vera is commercially cultivated in tropical climates and is exported all over the world.

Must Read about the benefits of aloe vera

As mentioned before; the popularity and demand for Aloe Vera extracts stems from its medicinal uses and the fact that it is a common ingredient in many cosmetic products. Additionally; Aloe Vera leaves and its extracts can be used for a wide range of home remedies. Bearing all of this in mind; this blog aims to enlighten the reader on the various uses of the Aloe Vera plant and its many benefits. Read further to know more.

Uses of Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera plant extracts are commercially viable for a number of reasons. These extracts are used in various medicinal, skin care and grooming products. Some are listed below.

1. OTC Laxatives

Aloe Vera plant extracts have a degree of viability in terms of laxative properties for one primary reason. The compound “Aloin” which is found in Aloe Vera extracts is an active component in OTC laxatives. These laxatives have varying degrees of effectiveness and the element of safety associated with ingesting Aloin is up for debate; however, Aloin continues to be widely in use in the production of OTC laxatives.

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