Ukraine – a country rich in brides

One of the attractive countries for single foreign men looking for a life partner or a wife is Ukraine dating online, which is also one of the ways to meet your soulmate. Today lots of foreign grooms of different ages and income levels are interested in Ukrainian girls. So what attracts foreign men and what is the popularity of Ukrainian women?

How the beauty phenomenon of Ukrainian women is explained

If you remember the history of medieval Europe, in those days there was the Inquisition. With its help, there was a “witch hunt,” and women accused of witchcraft were simply burned at the stake or drowned in water.

At that time, the first sign that a woman was a witch was her outer beauty. So only born girls who were too beautiful were killed, for fear that when they grew up they would become witches.

Thus, thanks to the unthinkable actions of the Inquisition in medieval Europe, the gene pool of women was destroyed. On the territory of Ukrainian and other Slavic lands hunchbacked disgusting old women were pictured as witches, and young and beautiful girls had no association with the dark forces, so they were not killed.

Ukrainian women

What external features are characteristic of Ukrainian women

All women in Ukraine have expressive facial features. It is also a stereotype that Ukrainian beauties have “black eyebrows and brown eyes. This feature is typical for the inhabitants of the Dnieper region of Ukraine, while Galicians and girls from other regions may be fair-haired and light-eyed.

Many foreigners, considering Ukraine dating online, are looking for a life partner not only in the capital but also in other cities. It is worth noting that every part of Ukraine has a peculiar beauty ideal for a particular region.

Why Ukrainians pay great attention to their appearance

It is an undeniable fact that Ukrainians attract the attention of the stronger sex with their bright appearance. And this is for a reason because, since ancient times, women of this country have been given a considerable amount of time to care for themselves, which is not always typical for the fair sex of other countries.

It so happens that in Ukraine, the number of free men is much less than women. This leads to a “fierce struggle” for a husband because there is not enough for all of them. Western women do not need this, because they do not have this problem. With more or less tolerable external data any of the foreign women will choose a companion from a considerable number of suitors.

That is why there is no need to wear makeup, hairstyles, heels, and smart dresses on a daily basis. A T-shirt, jeans, sneakers – it’s a common variant of clothing for a date, the main thing is that it was comfortable and convenient.

As for the Ukrainian women, the situation is not so happy here, because there are not many candidates for husbands. That is why Ukrainian beauties should always look their best – even when they are shopping for groceries. This attracts foreign suitors, because a well-groomed woman is very important to them, and Ukrainians know-how and do it with pleasure.

What to do with your career

For Western women, work and career advancement are important. After graduation from college or university, their priority is not finding a husband and having children, but self-actualization, finding a prestigious job that pays a good salary and is financially independent of men.

This is another cardinal difference between American women and women from other foreign countries and Ukrainian women, who have been raised in the cult of the family since early childhood. As girls, Ukrainians see the traditional model of the family in which the mother takes care of the household and the father provides for the family.

Many foreigners are also fans of this model, but cannot get it from their fellow Ukrainians. Ukrainian women are genetically predisposed to take care of their husbands and children, keep the home and provide comfort at home.

One of the peculiarities of Ukrainian women is that they can work even being engaged in housekeeping. Many of the potential brides that Ukraine dating online is rich in, have higher education (or even several). They are very educated and well-read, which allows them to find work in many areas.

With such a wife will be not only comfortable but also interesting because with her you can discuss many topics, she will be able to maintain a conversation during business negotiations, attending them together with her husband-businessman. But what is even more important for foreign grooms is the attention and care, the moral support that a Ukrainian wife will provide.

Ukrainian dating

Household chores

There is a perception that foreign men are looking for a Ukrainian bride as a free servant. This is absolutely not true, because Ukraine dating online, as well as candidates, are not young boys, but men from 35 years old and above.

At that age, they not only know exactly what they want, but they also know how to make money and run a household. Many also prefer to have housekeepers and housekeepers, so they do not consider Ukrainian women in this capacity.

But it is important for foreigners to know that Ukrainian women are not only beautiful, they are also excellent housewives. From childhood, girls help their mothers in the house, so when they get married, they will also transfer this model to their families.

Cleanliness and order, tasty home food – that’s what will be waiting for a man on his return home from work. Ukrainian women can and love to cook, while American women and ladies from other European countries prefer to eat in restaurants, ordering food from fast food.

In addition, for Americans and men in other European countries, the Ukrainian girl or woman is a kind of guarantor of fidelity. In Ukraine, they are called the “custodian of the family” because they are the real guardians of the home. Modest and loyal, with a sense of humor and tact, they will always defend the interests of her family and husband, help him in everything, and support him morally. This is the cultural stereotype of Ukrainian beauty that has been established all over the world.

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