The 8 non-negotiable features: Smartphone Buying Guide

Smartphones are both the need and want of this age; they have crawled their way permanently into our lives provided the advancement the era has brought along with it. The growing number of companies manufacturing smartphones has also increased the variety of options available to buyers, which is quite overwhelming as confusion is definite to arise.

Are you also a perplexed and petrified buyer who fears landing on a wrong smartphone that might make you regret your decision later on? Here is your messiah, then, a guide to buying the right Smartphone with 8 must-have features!

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Long Live Battery!

Lousy battery life has never been appreciated because the user time is compromised considerably.

Typically, 2000 MAH battery life is more than enough for everyday purposes. However, extensive usage needs higher values.

Android dwells higher in the battery while iPhone falls short by several hours.

Exotic Camera Angles

If the processor is the heart of the system, the camera is the soul. One of the most common reasons for the evolution of mobile is clicking photos instantly.

While iPhone holds the hierarchy in-camera, Android mobiles like vivo, redmi, and honor have fair statistics in producing quality images.

The Invigorating OS and Processor

Choosing whether iPhone stands higher than Android or Android has the upper hand is arguably the most prolonged debate in the tech world.

Leaving OS to personal discretion, the processor must be chosen based on its cores and clock speed. A smoothly functioning processor seethes the inputs provided quickly.

The higher the magnitude of cores, the smoother functioning, and the more the clock speed, the faster the processing.

The Enlarged Storage and Memory

Along with having a 64 to 256 GB average internal storage facility, seek SD card storage jacks for increasing the storage span when needed.

Keep in mind the RAM, which is responsible for the memory and cache of the smartphone, by keeping up with the latest and newest norms.

The higher the RAM, the more rise in the ability to operate multiple applications at once.

Spate of Connections

As the Internet and its counterparts take over the tech world and remote working has become the norm consequential to the pandemic, accessibility of the Internet and wireless connections is the need of the hour.

Look for a high internet speed and permit to establish multiple wireless connections, like Bluetooth and NFC.

5G is the upcoming member; do look for a smartphone that supports this engineered panorama.

Also, see to it that the USB file transfers are readily available for transferring files in a matter of moments.

Sensible Sensors!

Availability of sensors like GPS, Gyro meter, and accelerometer is the new standard practice. Now, you can walk into an unknown place unafraid because you have a digital map that can track the information flowing in the surrounding.

Also, for security purposes, voice sensors, fingerprint sensors, and face recognition are other components that are activated in smartphones to protect your privacy.

Resolution: Battery Life

When the phone screen is significant with the dynamic resolution, the battery life can be perpetually drained.

Also, when the screen’s lighting is chosen LCD instead of LED, it takes a heavier toll on the battery.

Grab the opportunity if available to Opt for free phones with higher data-saving and battery-saving capacity via its LED and phone resolution features.

Additional Benefits

A Smartphone will be topped off well in a wireless charging system.

Go for a phone with a well-built screen size as the norms of mobiles turning into mini TVs are pretty accurate.

Also, see that the price you had to pay for the Smartphone can pay you back with the features it provides and ease your work.


Before stepping foot in the market and getting inundated with the torrential Smartphone flooded doors, do some homework.

If you prefer a brand, seek the reviews of the model you wish to buy. Also, speak to your friends and family who might have recently purchased a Smartphone. This will help you know the what, how, and why they chose a particular phone. Plus, do not compromise on your personal choices by overruling your desires entirely only because of budget. Have an old phone?

You can sell and trade in your phone online by visiting various websites and get value deals in no time!

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