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When you have a lot of gift cards, you might want to sell them and one best way to do that is to sell gift cards online. Statistics show that there are at least $1 billion in gift cards that go unused every year. There are times when you get a gift card as a present, chances are you will actually prefer to receive cash instead. One reason might be that the card that you got is for a store that has nothing you want or is not near your area. Or simply that you just need the money more than getting something in store. Luckily, there are a lot of choices for you on how and where you can sell your gift cards online.

Below are some places where you can convert the gift cards that you do not want into cash. Also, the sites below are also selling gift cards with reduced prices, so, if you are planning to buy someone else’s gift card, you may want to check on the listings below to see what discounts you can avail of.

Sites to Sell Gift Cards


This site is founded in 2017 and this offers life back into your unwanted gift cards by giving the best cash rates for your gift cards. Presently, GiftCash is a small company of 16 people that operates in the United States.

This site offers quality services by placing emphasis on being timely and accessible. The site claims to ensure that your data is safe by surpassing standard security measures.


This site is one of the famous sites and is most trusted with gift card exchange platforms there are. As a matter of fact, the company also has a superb rating with the Better Business Bureau. Though CardPool, you will be able to sell your gift cards for cash. They also offer one of the best rates for unused gift cards where you can also earn up to 92% of the card’s value thereby making the site one of the most recommended sites to sell your gift cards. You can simply visit the site and then tell it which gift card you are wanting to sell so that you will be able to get offers. If you accept such an offer, you will need to send your card to CardPool.

Gift Card Granny

This site is another reputable and popular platform in selling your gift card. This is an easy to use website where you can sell your gift cards for cash or have it exchanged for the one that you actually want to use.

You can visit the site, and then search for the brand or the store on your gift card, enter the gift card’s balance so that you can view offers.

What makes Gift Card Granny interesting is that the site allows you to choose from a few different selling options where you can either sell it now by simply choosing the best offer and agreeing to sell your gift card for that price. You can be able to earn at least 92% cash back and receive the payment within days. You can be able to get cash quickly if you pick this option, or you can also name your price which will allow you to list your card online and have the chance to dictate your own price. This option will take longer but you can potentially be able to get paid more. And once you sell and deliver the gift card, you will also be able to receive payment. Another option is that you can also trade your card with another that you actually want. Generally, in trade in option, you can receive a higher payout.


Raise is another popular site which has been mentioned by a number of major outlets. This site is different from many other sites on the list because rather than simply receiving an offer, accepting it and getting paid, Raise will allow you to list your gift cards for sale. With this method, selling unwanted cards can take a bit longer but it can give you higher payouts. Listing your gift cards on Raise is free, but once you sell your gift card, the site will take 12% commission from it. Payments can be made through direct deposit, PayPal or through check.

Coinstar Exchange

Before diving in, it is good to note that Coinstar Exchange kiosks have been sold to CardPool. Thus, if you will also have to visit CardPool website went you look for gift card exchange near you.

Moreover, if you want to get cash for gift cards as soon as possible, then it is recommended that you check out Coinstar Exchange. This is a company that has kiosks in grocery stores all across the United States. Through Coinstar Exchange kiosk, you will be able to sell gift cards for cash on the spot.

What you will need to do is to place your card into the machine and then you will receive a cash offer. If you choose to accept the offer, the machine will print out a voucher so that you can redeem your cash instantly.


You can also sell your gift card easily with CardCash. You will just need to visit the website and put in a few details about your card then you will be presented with offers. One of the best things about CardCash is that the site allows you to sell cards that are partially used. You can also choose to have your gift card exchanged with one that you actually want. Once your order is approved, you will then be paid through a check, PayPal, or direct deposit within days.


This is a gift card exchange site where you can also both sell or trade your unwanted gift cards. Thus, if you are looking for a gift card that you will actually use, then you should consider visiting this platform.

There are a whole lot of options online where you can sell your gift cards. What is most important is that you will be able to utilize the card that is more useful to you rather than just leaving your unwanted gift card stuck in your drawer.

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