Easy hacks to save money while on vacation

Did the 3 days of sunbathing at the beach cost you a fortune? Or did the chilly hills create a burning hole in your savings? We don’t realize that a vacation can be very expensive until we have been the victim once. Indians spent Rs. 6.5 lakh crore on travel in 2018, yes you read the figure right!

Irrespective of where you’re heading to, what activities you’ve planned and how many heads are travelling with you, there is always an inclination to save the extra bucks you spend. We’ve compiled a list of easy hacks for you to save a quick sliver while on vacation and guess what, maybe you can buy an entire rack of those irresistible Duty-Free goods at the airports!

Easy hacks to save money while on vacation

1. Go incognito while researching

It might not make sense at first, but the incognito mode while surfing for your vacation details is the easiest way you can dodge the travel sites and corporations from tracking your movements. In the normal mode, your browser collects cookies through which your interests are made vulnerable. This might result in increased prices of the particular hotel, you’re looking for. Incognito mode helps you to not leave a trace behind and keep them guessing about your next move. Savings on bookings? Check!

2. Use your phone for good

What if we said that you could save on your travelling while you scroll through your Instagram? Yes, it’s true. You can now save money while you’re on your phone. Subscribe to a travel newsletter or follow media accounts of travel agencies. Keep up to date with all discounts and specialization offers. Keep a close watch for special days when you could get free admission to popular tourist spots, reducing your costs on sightseeing. It’s finally time to put your stalking skills for some good use!

3. Look out for packing

Cursed your packing skills after paying a lump sum at the airline counter for overweight luggage? Here’s the solution. Try to keep your packing as minimal as possible. Check out packing hacks online and apply them to save space, for instance rolling your clothes instead of folding is a great hack to buy you some extra space. A pro tip is to not carry toiletries. Most hotels provide a set of these products and you save room inside the zipped-up case. No more heads turning around to see your baggage now! P.S. Don’t forget your essentials…

4. Replace restaurants with snacking

Food is one of the most ‘spent on’ thing when you are on a vacation, but do you realize that having 3 to 4 sophisticated meals at a restaurant every day is an expensive affair? Try replacing it with snacking and make full use of the local food markets. Snacking might not be good for your belly fat, but it considerably lowers your food budget. Munch on street food when you get a chance. The flavour of street food is as tempting as it has always been. No high-end eatery can tickle your taste buds like street food. You could also test your survival skills by purchasing local groceries and making a meal out of it.

5. Save on car rentals

Having a tourist taxi coming to your hotel doorstep every morning can be the last straw in making your travel expense a debt. You not only pay for the taxi charges but also for the guide or driver helping you around. Instead, try using a subscribed rental car. Lookup a local car subscription service provider and get a car on a monthly issue. This means no insurance and no maintenance fees. Grab ‘your’ car at a low fare and get ready to explore. For instance, if you’re planning to visit Dubai or Abu Dhabi, Carasti offers some amazing deals with exquisite service.

Vacation has a unique purpose in each of our lives. All of us have different definitions of vacation, some want to relax without much action while some pack up their bags to constantly be on a run. Nevertheless, we hope you can implement these useful hacks in your next trip, and save enough to catch up on another luxury getaway!

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