The beginners’ guide to find the right sofa for your waiting lounge

What is the practical meaning of waiting for you? We certainly do not like to wait and no one does. But what we can do is to make this moment and experience pleasing by turning the space into a comfortable one. Whether it is a residential place or the business waiting room. This experience can get pleasing by getting the good arrangement done for the waiting room and one of the most important elements that you can add here is the sofa. Your guests are going to spend a lot of free time on the sofa in the waiting room. Hence it is important to get the right sofa that can complement your lounge. Here we are going to share the guide with you to buy the right sofa for your lounge.

right sofa for your waiting lounge

Understand the space

Accommodating a crowd in a small area could be a challenge. Here you would need to take the smart steps in terms of the arrangement and the overall size of the sofa. Premium Fabric Basilio Sofa by HOF at Modern Times is known as the perfect option for such a situation. You can pair it with a single-seater sofa chair which can be adjusted to make the maximum usage of compact space. If you have limited visitors then you can also get 2-seater Basilio which could contemplate with other accessories such as side tables, coffee tables, or chairs.

Look for comfort

The first factor that you need to consider while getting the sofa is comfort. Waiting could be a daunting task and hence you need a comfortable space where you can wait for a good time. Hence it is important to get a comfortable seating arrangement. Make sure to check for the cushion fill and seat depth while getting the sofa. Seat depth is known as the distance from the front seat to the front surface of the cushion. You can choose the seat depth ranging from 21 to 24 inches depending upon how straight you wish to sit. Most of the buyers prefer the average height of 21 to 22 inches. Cushions that are not filled properly can certainly add few more inches to the depth of the sofa. It easily goes with the other measurements.

Check the footfall

If you are expecting a higher number of footfalls at your lounge the make sure the accommodation needs are met correctly. You can choose the large sofa with the seating arrangement for 3 to 4 along with a side chair makes the perfect choice to handle such traffic. If you are making the seating arrangement for the waiting area where the waiting period is long you can implement the 1- or 2-seater sofa along with HOF’s 3-seater ciprio.

Choose the right design

Most of the designers choose the sofa as the focal point of the room. It is important to let your visitors enter the premises to avoid bottlenecks. You can choose the bold tone or the mute tone depending upon the background of the living room or lounge room. Here the motive is to create a contrasting look. If the walls of your room and the furniture is light in color then make sure the furniture is in bold colors and vice versa. You need to also select the lighting as well as other accessories depending upon the design and theme of your house. Most people tend to complain about nausea created due to the over luminous lights or dull lights. Hence make sure to choose the right balance in between both.

Get the right niche

According to the experts, your furniture should go with the niche of your apartment. It should not reflect the missing or out of the place feel along with your décor. Hence it is important to choose the sofa as per the theme or niche of your apartment or lounge room. It is not recommended to have the light hues of fabrics if you are expecting higher traffic in the lounge room since maintaining it would not be an easy task. If you are planning to renovate your lounge room then make sure to understand the views and the experience of your visitors.

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