Restore Or Remodel: Which Is Better For A Water-Damaged Home?

Water damage is something you don’t want to experience in your home. It’s caused by the entry of water into your home and getting into spaces it shouldn’t, like walls. Fortunately, there are two solutions to this problem; restore or remodel.

Which one should you choose?

First, what are restoration and remodeling? Restoration involves returning your home’s condition to how it was before the damage. It mainly entails water removal and repairs. On the other hand, remodeling involves altering your home’s structure and incorporating new designs. It requires the use of new materials or upgrades.

Now, between the two, which should be your go-to choice after water damage? This article will help you find the right answer.

The choice between the two lies with the following factors:

Water Damage

Extent Of Damage

The extent of water damage in your home is determined based on the amount of water that gained entry and where the water rested after entry.

Restoration should be your choice if the water damage is minimal. It could involve a water-logged carpet, a flooded floor, and other minor issues. In most cases, if there’s no structural damage to your home, consider restoring it.

However, consider remodeling if the damage is extensive, and repairs will cost more than you’ll spend replacing. Suppose your walls get water-logged and they have mold on their surface. It’s best to bring them down and build another. The damaged walls might not withstand all the forces over time, putting your safety at risk.

A water damage specialist should help you determine the extent of damage in your home. You may follow this URL or visit other similar sites for more information on how to get the services of these experts.


The damage in your home requires funds to restore your home’s functionality. Here, the available funds will, more likely than not, depict your choice between restoring and remodeling.

Start by requesting quotes from remodeling and restoration contractors. Compare and find out how much each option will cost you. This way, you’ll be able to make an informed decision.

With the approximation at hand, what should be your choice?

Remodeling requires a huge budget, considering you have to acquire new materials and adopt new designs. These two will entail labor and installation costs, as well as expenses for getting the necessary permits. Therefore, only opt to remodel if you have the required funds.

If you have a small budget, consider restoring. This won’t entail huge expenses; you’ll only pay for water removal services and repairs for damaged items. You can even obtain these services with only one provider, at a reasonable price.

As you look at available funds, insurance comes into play. If the amount to be compensated is huge, and you have adequate savings, you can choose to remodel your home. The reverse applies if you have minimal insurance coverage.

Time And Resources Available

The amount of time you have is also a determining factor when choosing between restoration and remodel.

If time isn’t on your side and you want to return to using your home as quickly as possible, choose restoration. This doesn’t involve many activities, which also don’t take much time to execute.

On the other hand, remodeling will most likely take time. This is considering you have to plan adequately, get permits, source the materials, etc. It should be your choice if you aren’t time-conscious.

In terms of resources, it’s crucial to ask yourself if you have a space you can relocate to after the damage. If the answer is yes, opt for remodeling. However, if relocation isn’t an option, restore your home. Remodeling is disruptive, hence, the need to leave your home for some time to allow for the process to take place.

Future Plans

You might’ve thought about renovating your home sometime in the future or making upgrades here and there.

Suppose, before executing any of these plans, there’s water damage in your home. Should you restore or remodel? Here, it’s best to remodel. It’ll be more economical, unlike when you choose restoration, only to remodel after six months.

However, opt for restoration if you have no plans to carry out any renovations in the future.


A water-damaged home isn’t a conducive place to live in, hence, the need to reverse and rectify the situation. The discussion has shown two options you can choose from, as well as the ideal situations in which you should adopt either of them.

Therefore, consider the factors herein as you decide; however, your needs should also guide you.

As you fix the water damage, it’s crucial to know that you can prevent it from happening as well. Do your research and find out how you can better protect your home. Remember, prevention is better than cure.

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