Can you crack the nut that is QWOP?

So you say you are an established video gamer? Well, can you match the challenge presented by QWOP? This is one online game that is the ultimate test for self-declared online gaming chaps. This game can be played by several players at a go although there also exits a two-player version.

You can enjoy your game on the computer or iPhone device. Regardless of the medium you use, you are sure to enjoy great gaming with incredible challenges along the way. As the name suggest, this game is controlled by the keyboard keys QWOP, fondly referred to as gaming QWO Perate.


The free QWOP games are about the online Olympic competition in which you seek to bring glory to your country in a 100 meters sprint. Unfortunately, the athlete you control turns to be an ill-trained. You require some top-notch control skills to ensure that the sprinter competes and wins among professional sprinters. So can you take the challenge?

As an online game that is flash enabled, you are saved the trouble of download and installation of support apps to make the game run smoothly. However, you still need to look for a reputed gaming site to ensure that you enjoy the fast and simple gaming experience. As a player, your aim is to get to the finish line ahead of all the other sprinters.

You will use the Q and W to coordinate the movement of the left and the right thighs of the sprinter. O and P keys are used to move the calves of the runner. With this in mind, you have the secret of the game. But what should never escape you is the fact that you need to be meticulous to finish in the podium position.

The starts when you click the instructive window just above the game interface. After this, you allow one second or so to go before you begin your control maneuvers. You need to take care so that you do not send the sprinter falling on the track. To achieve proper coordination, hold down the keys W and O and the same time and then release them the moment the front foot of your runner is returning to the ground.

Immediately you release the W and O keys, press the Q and P keys simultaneously and then hold them down. Then release these keys just as the runner is returning the front foot to the ground again. The pressing of these keys should be coordinated in a manner that each process is immediately succeeded in the same manner up to the finish line.

Make no mistake, any hitch in the coordination in the thighs and claves of the runner is sure to fail you in your goal. QWOP can turn out to be a frustrating game if you fail to adhere to the strategies of the game. However, it is this challenge that makes it a more advanced online game to test your wits. Do you believe that bring the 100 meters Olympic trophy back home is not difficult? Well, take the challenge and QWOPerate.

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