Seven Unique and Quirky Corporate Event Ideas

Corporate events are a great way to engage employees, customers, and clients alike. In fact, face-to-face events allow business owners to achieve their organizational goals since they allow consistent and direct communication with the right audience in various meaningful ways.

According to a Bazzabo survey, 80 percent of marketers believe that live events are vital for their business’s success. In comparison, around 63 percent said they would plan to invest more in live events in the future.

However, while a corporate event has tons of benefits for businesses, the last thing an event planner would want is to provide their clients, employees, or customers with a ‘been there, done that’ event experience that doesn’t encourage action or offer them value.

So, if you’re looking for fresh and quirky ideas for your next corporate event, you have come to the right place. This post will cover some exciting corporate event ideas that your employees, clients, and customers will surely enjoy being a part of.

Quirky Corporate Event Ideas

Host a magic show.

The best way your company, employees, and clients can regain their composure is to add some entertainment to a mundane office routine. After all, entertainment is a vital part of a healthy life. So, why not make your next corporate event a little more entertaining? And how about hosting a corporate magic show? Your audience will surely love it.

That said, you will need to hire a professional magician for your event. And finding one is not as easy as it might seem. For example, if you want to host a corporate event anywhere in Sweden and are looking for an excellent magician, Google the term trollkarl Stockholm to find one who charms your audience, leaves them amazed and excited for more.

Host a festival-style event.

A festival-style event is a perfect choice for employee-focused and promotional corporate events. After all, turning your standard, boring corporate event into a laid-back, full-of-entertainment festival will allow you to create a refreshing environment for sharing company news and networking opportunities.

For example, you can host a two-day-long festival experience that consists of dodgems, live music, fireworks, delicious foods, and much more. In the end, a festival-style event is an exciting choice for summer or spring corporate events.

However, the best thing about it is that you can host it both indoors and outdoors.

Host an Unconference. 

Ask your employees and clients to bring their thinking A-game by holding an unconference. What is an ‘unconference,’ you might ask? Well, it is a participant-driven event where attendees decide what they want to learn or do.

Such an event will remove the entire hierarchy of panelists and event speakers. The tech industry first adopted the unconference events, and it allows the attendees to decide the workshops, topics, and agendas according to their liking.

Deviating from the traditional conference-style event will allow you to build an innovative company culture where industry-forward conversations will be a part of the plan – something that might not be possible with a traditional conference format.

Host a masterclass. 

Corporate events usually feature engaging activities that reflect your company’s key message. However, instead of keeping things formal and focusing on business-based activities, you must incorporate extra-curricular learning opportunities through a masterclass.

Doing so will allow you to deliver your business’s message in a more meaningful, easy-to-understand manner.

Furthermore, a masterclass will allow you to utilize team-building exercises to encourage professional and personal growth for every attendee. Plus, it is a perfect way to network with suppliers and customers. Moreover, you can bring in expert speakers who have immense knowledge in particular topics. After all, an event should present learning opportunities to attendees while being fun and interact in the process.

Turn your event into a crime scene investigation. 

A new trend that every event corporate is following these days is the crime scene investigation format. Utilizing real crime scene investigation techniques such as chromatography, fiber identification, ultra-violet lighting, and fingerprint analysis, your attendees will have the opportunity to bring out their intuitive side.

In addition, they will have to dust the crime scene for fingerprints, search for clues, piece together evidence, and interrogate the accused party.

It will be an exciting opportunity for everyone attending your event as they will have to navigate their way through a convincing, chilling event that will keep them on edge. In the end, CSI-based events are the best way to host a quirky, unique corporate event!

Host a board game event. 

Games are perfect for breaking the ice and build team morale simultaneously. While pc and console gaming has taken over the gaming world these days, board games such as Trivial Pursuit, Scrabble, and Monopoly are making a comeback.

Moreover, these games are also making full use of technology and can be played on mobile devices. However, nothing beats a good old-fashioned game of monopoly or scrabble, right?

Just imagine your attendees putting down their laptops and smartphones to play and bond over the board games they used to enjoy when they were kids. For instance, you can set up a giant twister mat alongside tables of battleships, checkers, and chess; the possibilities here are endless.

Host a TEDx event.

Another easy way to share expertise and encourage personal growth is through a TEDx event. Doing so will allow people within your network or organization to speak their minds and present relevant messages vital for success in your industry.

Furthermore, to make your event more legit, you can also invite actual TEDx speakers to deliver messages that inspire the attendees. In the end, hosting a TEDx event is a great way to level the playing field and share experiences and information with the attendees in a valuable, meaningful way.


Shut down those boring Excel spreadsheets, and try something uniques at your next corporate event. Your employees, clients, and customers are all unique in their own right, and your corporate event should be the same.

So, get them laughing and working together with the inspirational and quirky event ideas mentioned above. Everyone involved will surely reap the benefits both professionally and personally!

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