The Many Possibilities Offered By Peppermint Bark Black Tea

If you’ve never tried peppermint bark black tea before, then you’re missing out on an incredibly tasty and satisfying beverage. Also offering a range of health benefits that range from overall health support to improved gut health, it’s popular across the states with Americans who like to take care of themselves.

However, today it’s not the health support that this wonderful tea offers but rather the many ways in which it can be enjoyed. First, though, let’s look at the flavor profile of this unique tea.

Peppermint Bark Black Tea

The Flavor Profile of Peppermint Bark Black Tea

The reason why it’s enjoyed by people all year round is that it offers a range of different tastes. Delivering smooth chocolate tones (that make it a perfect Christmas treat), as well as peppermint for a refreshing boost during any season, there’s no one place it can be sampled.

You’re not going to ruin your sleep at night either, as a cup of this tasty tea only contains roughly half of what you’d expect to find in a hot cup of joe.

The Variety of Ways to Enjoy This Tea

This tea is delicious whether consumed hot or cold, meaning that there are a number of ways it can be partaken. Here are just a few.

Traditional Cup of Teaby using a tea infuser or filter, peppermint bark tea can be enjoyed as a traditional beverage. All that’s required is hot water, but you must remember that tea leaves swell, so make sure the container is big enough to accommodate it.

Steeped for between 2 and 5 minutes (depending on how strong you like it), it’s a tea that you can add sweetness to with just a little honey, sugar, or sweeteners.

Cold-Infused Tea – your infuser can also be used to create another mouthwatering way to enjoy peppermint bark black tea. Interestingly, it’s still enjoyed hot but is created over a period of roughly 8 to 12 hours, and the resultant beverage happens to be a lot lower in caffeine but also a lot higher in free radical-busting antioxidants. It’s usually kept in the fridge overnight during preparation, so you’ll need to be patient.

Iced Tea – another amazing way to enjoy peppermint bark tea – and one that’s an absolute Godsend on a hot Summer day – is iced tea. Infused and then refrigerated (or cooled with ice), a pitcher of this delicious drink will slake your thirst like nothing else.

Most people don’t think of tea as a cold beverage, but until you try it, you won’t know what a tasty treat you’re missing.

Why Not Try Some Delicious Peppermint Bark Black Tea Today?

If you’re searching for a drink that’s both satisfying and good for you, Peppermint bark tea is something we’d heartily recommend trying at some point.

Just remember when you buy yours that it should be stored just like any other type of tea i.e. stored in a cool, dry cupboard and out of direct sunlight.

Do that, and your tea will remain in fresh condition for two years or more.

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