How to create an explainer video for the hotel industry?

Video marketing is undeniably the best tool you can use for the hotel and traveling industry. Industry experts use it to attract people on a large scale as it is a better form of marketing than text.

On the other hand, your hotel website is getting maximum traffic due to video marketing. So are you still going to ignore the biggest secret tool for your hotel business?

This blog is going to discuss everything you need to create an explainer video for your hotel.

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1. Quality

Compromising quality is compromising with your business growth. And if you are working in the hotel industry, you must be the sole believer in quality over quantity. High-quality videos of architecture attract more people than low-quality images.

Creating high-quality video is the best investment any business can make in this industry. Marketing the video also provides unbelievable results with customers queuing at your doors and trafficking your website with their esteem presence.

Creating a better quality video may require a perfect set of cameras for realistic view and the best set of technologies to create digital videos for your hotel.

But if they do not like the quality of the video, there is a high chance that they do not book a room in your hotel. This can also result in a rising shift to your competitor’s business. This would affect your revenue growth and may lead to customer dissatisfaction even without experiencing it.

2. Create introductory videos that amaze people.

Create a video describing your services and activities being performed, including everything a new customer wants to see before booking a room in your hotel.

Start by showing your hotel uniqueness that differentiates your hotel from others in that locality.

Give a brief intro about all the facilities and services provided to customers. Then, uniquely portray your services to differentiate them from others and wow your audience to get an immediate CTA.

3. Don’t make it a sales call!

Remember, you are not selling any product; you are selling moments. You are creating videos for your customers to attract them, but it should not be the only purpose of creating it. Do not make it a complete sales call as if you are creating something for their money.

Try providing value at every stage of your process. Describe the advantages of checking in at your hotel. Show hotel’s whereabouts and local market, the easiest ways to reach the hotel, and everything they may require to have a safe journey.

4. Create a 360-degree video.

The type of video also matters when you are creating it for a large number of people. For example, creating a 360° video or VR video can help your customers understand everything about your hotel.

If it’s a 360-degree video, they would be able to get a really detailed view of the hotel they are planning to visit. The beautiful architecture of your hotel deserves to be shown in better quality videos to increase the chance of your customers reaching out to your receptions.

Also, VR video similarly helps you with the better virtual experience of your hotel.

Virtual Reality(VR) videos have the power to bring hundreds of people together in one place, and that’s why the hotel industry is using them in pool.

The only difference between 360-degree videos and VR videos is that VR videos are created digitally with the help of technology, and 360-degree videos require real-life camera equipment to capture. Nevertheless, it gives an accurate picture of the staying arrangement and attracts tourists with a pitch of reality.

Creating a VR video for the hotel industry isn’t easy, and not everyone can do this by themselves. You need the help of an explainer video company to have a better video marketing experience.

5. Add a Welcome CTA.

Every video marketing is done with a purpose and plan. For example, you may want your viewers to know more about your hotel by visiting your website in the hotel industry. Or by booking a call session with your staff to get a VIP experience at your hotel.

Any action you want your customers to perform, add a link or button for that in the video’s description. Also, add the URL of your website at the end of the video to keep the customer engaged with it.

You may want your customers to get personalized facilities. You can add a form in the caption to provide the best customer experience to your customers,

Video marketing is a great tool to attract a large audience pool, especially for luxury hotels and resorts. After all, its no wonder that the world’s most prominent luxury hotels use Explainer videos to grab customers’ attention. Taking inspiration from other hotels in video marketing can help you think broader and create better quality videos.

Here are some top hotels killing it with their video marketing and attracting millions of people that may inspire you to create an explainer video for your hotel.

1. Byzantino Boutique Hotel: This hotel welcomes guests with its 360-degree video telling about its services and facilities, giving them a sense of luxury. Welcoming tourists to explore Greece with luxury feelings at stay.

2. Cape Dara in Pattaya in Thailand: This luxury 5-star hotel helps visualize its audience with 360 degrees VR video and attracts its audience with big-sized rooms and sceneries available in its surroundings. Helping viewers visualize every part of the hotel before making a booking.

3. Agrovela Hotel Alacati in Turkey: This 2-minute video defines its presence in a beautiful Turkish village showing its visitors enjoying themselves in its open area.

4. Holiday Inn Express in Adelaide, Australia: This newly built luxury hotel welcomes visitors by providing a great 360-degree virtual experience, describing various facilities, including bars, gyms, and conference rooms. Defining its completeness in a single video attracts visitors to book a room there.

Once you are done creating a video, the vital task is to make it reach millions of viewers and get the best results from your video.

Sharing your video to various social media handles and adding it to your website will help you get the best results. In fact, adding videos to your website can also increase your average watch time and potential visitors booking rooms at your place and increasing your revenue.

Video marketing is the top marketing strategy anyone can use in the hotel and tourism industry, and there are many explainer video companies to help you with that. In addition, experienced professionals in the video production industry can provide you with fantastic results.

They can help you create a well-planned and well-researched video of your hotel, choose the correct video type, provide value, add a perfect CTA in your video, and help your viewers in the early task of booking. That’s all you need for successful video marketing in the hotel industry.

KomalAuthor bio:- Komal Kokate is the Co-Founder and CEO of MotionGility, an Explainer Video Company. With a keen eye for creativity, she is an expert in video marketing. While delivering high results to clients, she loves exploring the market and the latest marketing trends in the B2B industry. Connect with her on Facebook and LinkedIn.



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