How To Be A Better Nurse?

Do you aspire to become a nurse who excels and provides the best care to the patients? If your answer is affirmative, you must understand it will not be easy, but it is rewarding. Nursing is challenging and keeps you on yourtoes throughout your day. However, when you look at the happy faces of patients and see them recover, it gives you immense satisfaction.

Nursing keeps on evolving as new studies and technological advancements bring forth new and updated ways of taking care of patients. Nurses who want to succeed in their field need to polish their skills. They should ensure that they perform their duties with honesty.

Nurses spend considerable time with patients and often see patients in their vulnerable condition. Nurses must take patients’ privacy seriously.

How To Be A Better Nurse

Most nurses are passionate about their profession and often put themselves at the backend to look after others. By practicing below mentioned practices, you can become a better nurse:

1. Keep Yourself Updated with Current Nursing Practices

 The nursing world is constantly evolving, and nurses who do not adapt to change are left behind. You must stay abreast with the current happenings of the nursing world and adopt new practices. Learn about recent advancements and bring changes in your conduct.

Plus, you must continue your education to equip yourself with the latest nursing skills. Today, many educational institutes offer e-courses. You can search for one that suits your designation and register for it. Online degree programs are adaptable and allow you to make your schedule. Besides, you can easily fulfill your duties along with the course. Register in an Online RN to BSN Program and dive deep into nursing. It will expose you to new nursing practices and enhance your earning opportunities.

2. Remember Precautionary Steps

Nurses deal with needles, syringes, and other sharp objects. They are always running late; therefore, they rush to complete various duties. Moreover, nurses are generally short-staffed. Therefore, they have to work double treble shifts. Managing many things simultaneously becomes difficult, and they disregard safety precautions.

Nurses should not forget their safety basics. No matter how much they are in a hurry, wearing gloves should be necessary. Similarly, they should not forget regular sanitizing and washing hands. Nurses stay in proximity of patients and are exposed to germs and viruses. They should practice all preventive measures at all times.

3. Hone Your Communication Skills

Communication skills are critical to succeed in the modern world. As a nurse, you deal with dozens of people. Practical communication skills help you in performing your tasks efficiently. Polish your communication skills and learn to be precise, polite, and firm.

Nurses serve as a bridge among patients, their families, and doctors. They must be attentive and not leave any detail out while conveying a message. Besides, they often have to relate bad news to patients or their families regarding their health condition. They should use proper tone-appropriate words and consider the emotional state of patients.

4. Network with other Healthcare Workers

Nurses work with other healthcare workers, and networking with them can help you climb the ladder of success. Meeting professional and successful nurses will help you learn new things and bring to light their unique habits. Furthermore, they can help you polish your qualities and improve your nursing practices.

Another benefit of staying close to other health workers is that they inspire you to bring the best out of you to succeed in your professional life. You aspire to become like them and unconsciously adapt their habits.

5. Learn Prioritizing

Nurses are indeed one of the most overworked professionals. Their plate is always full, and they have a long list of to-do things. Learn to put first things first. Not all stasks need your immediate attention, time, and effort. Instead of wasting time on less critical activities, nurses should focus on the most significant task at the moment.

Prioritizing is one of the habits of successful people. They focus on the most crucial task, achieve it and then shift it to less significant activities. Prioritizing will help you perform all your tasks effectively with ease.

6. Be Patients’ Oriented

Successful nurses are not task-oriented; instead, they are people-oriented. Nursing is one profession where professionals need to be empathetic. When you deal with patients, do not just focus on your task. Take a minute or two and try to build a connection with them.

Patients in the hands of compassionate nurses remember their caregivers for their lives. Empathetic nurses make a mark on patients’ lives, and it helps them regain health.

7. Stay Optimistic

Nursing is demanding and can overwhelm you. Long grueling working hours and dealing with patients with deteriorating health often take a toll on nurses’ positivity, and they feel down. Still, you need to buck yourself up and try to look at the glass half full.

Nurses can inspire patients and must try to keep their patients optimistic. They should consciously work and stay happy. Optimism is contagious. When nurses believe that patients will recover, patients start thinking too, and sometimes only belief does wonder.

8. Learn Time-management

Time management is an exceptional skill that can help nurses handle their tasks amiably. Plan your week, and then plan your day as you go to your workplace. Dedicate time to every job and ensure that you do not spend more than that on it. Time management will help you perform effectively in all departments without compromising quality.

9. Take Care of Yourself

Nurses feel proud when others label them superheroes and acknowledge their efforts, and rightly so. However, often nurses ignore their health and needs while serving other patients. Working for excoriating hours can make them emotionally, mentally, and physically sick.

To enhance your performance as a nurse, remember to take care of yourself. Take proper meals and breaks while working. Pamper yourself with a spa day occasionally. Spare a few minutes every day and do what you enjoy doing. Healthy and happy nurses perform better and yield better patient outcomes.


Nursing is unlike any other career. Everyday, you help people recover from sickness and improve their health. Nurses are superheroes who always sport a smile. Nursing has expanded in the past few years, and today, it offers immense growth. Empathy is the core of nursing, and by practicing compassion, nurses can perform their job exceptionally. You can become a better nurse by practicing the habits mentioned earlier.

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