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Almost every employee has at least once in their career pondered over the question of how to ask for a raise at work. So, I am here to answer it. I am sure you have checked several other sites too. Well, I hope you make the best out of all the sites you visit, to get the best result.

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When to Ask for a Raise

First and foremost, you need to deserve the raise. Never ask for a raise when you don’t deserve it. So, to get more than you are getting right now, you need to do more than you are doing. This is fundamental to know how to ask for a salary raise. Like, add more responsibilities to your job profile. Make yourself almost indispensable for the organization before asking for a raise. This way, even your boss will not mind giving you a raise. More so, make sure you have a backup plan as well. As in, what would you do if the raise is denied? More on salary negotiation.

How to Ask for a Promotion

If you are wondering, ‘how to ask for a pay raise’, one very good way is to ask for a promotion instead. This way not only you get a pay raise, but a status raises as well. In this case, you need to evaluate your worth. Ponder over all the responsibilities you have. Do you take over more responsibilities? Are you a good leader? Can you get an offer for the promoted position elsewhere? Answer all these questions before you put the case in front of your boss. Also let him know that you deserve the promotion, as you are worth it.

What to Say When Asking for a Raise

Once you know that you deserve to get the raise and have a backup plan ready, fix an appointment with the boss. You can also send him a letter beforehand, asking for a raise. This letter will prepare him for the discussion when you put your case in front of him. This will work to your advantage, as he will review your work and find out about your behavior and other qualities.

Once you are in the office with the boss, be confident. Just like in an interview, nervousness will not work for you here. You need to show your boss how good you are, and how much you deserve the promotion or raise. Inform him of all the extra responsibilities that you have taken up and of all the work that you have done. Like, in case you are a journalist, tell him of all the interviews you have taken, especially the noteworthy ones. Check out these salary negotiation tips.

Also, make sure that you let your boss know of your general market value at present. Do not do that very directly, just tell him in a subtle manner. Tell him that others in the market having similar responsibilities get higher pay. However, do not compare your organization with any other. No boss will like that. Be very positive when you are having this discussion. A little bit of informality mostly works. However, if you see a negative response after trying it once, let go of it.

In case your job profile requires interaction with external parties, you could use that as a tool while asking for a promotion. Like you can say that you are handling so many clients and need more authority, the clients do not take you seriously even though you are in charge of the project, etc. Let him know that the promotion or the raise that you are asking for will not only benefit you but the company as well. More so, let him know that you like working in the organization. He needs to be aware of your loyalty towards the company. Read more on the art of salary negotiation.

How to Close the Deal

Obviously, your boss will not agree to give you a raise right away and sign the documents right then and there. So, don’t expect him to. Ask him to think over the matter and let you know at the earliest. Close the deal in a hopeful and positive way. Tell him that you deserve it and that it will be a great thing for you. Tell him that you are looking forward to it. This way you will remind him, how important this is to you, at the end.

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