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Are you looking for Wiki Bio Quotes of Motivational Speaker and Lifestyle Coach Gaur Gopal Das? Once Known to be a Hewlett Packard engineer Gaur Gopal Das turned into Indian motivational speaker lifestyle coach. He was working as an Electrical engineer till 1996 at Hewlett Packard. His spiritual believes make him turned to ISKCON ( International Society for Krishna Consciousness ). He is now an integral part of ISKON society. Many prestigious academic institutions approach him for his motivational and lifestyle sessions. Nowadays, many corporate firms including Google, Infosys, Barclays, Sales Force, Bank of America, E&Y, Ford, etc.. are seeking his help and guidance in the area of human resource management so that they can keep the good working environment in their companies.

Gaur Gopal Das wiki

He has been invited by Rotary Club & Lions Club to give motivational speeches to corporate officials, celebrities and top-level managerial executives. He even talked at TEDx events and startups.

He is active on Social media platforms as well. Currently, he has more than 1 million Instagram Followers and more than 50k twitter followers. He has more than 2 million active followers on his Youtube Channel.

He has given many awards and appreciations for his work towards the society including Youth Spiritual Guru Award and IWM digital award for the best Spiritual/Motivational Show.

gaur gopal das wiki

An Inspirational and Motivational Speaker Gaur Gopal Das Wiki Bio Quotes

Real NameGaur Gopal Das
Date of Birth24 December 1973 Maharashtra, India
EducationBE Electrical Engineering ( College of Engineering, Pune )
Age45 Years ( June 2019 )
ProfessionSenior Monk at ISKON, Mumbai
Lifestyle Coach and Motivational Speaker
BooksLife's Amazing Secrets, checkmate, Conquest
AwardsBest Spiritual/Motivational Show
The Ideal Young Spiritual Guru Award - MIT peace university
Social MediaInstagram - @gaurgopaldas
Twitter - @gaurgopald
Youtube - Gaur Gopal Das

Early life education and career

He was born on 24 December 1973 in Maharashtra, India. Hence, Gaur Gopal Das age is 45 Years ( June 2019 ). Although, his parent details are not known it is said that he lost his father in 2009. He was very close to his father. After losing his father, he completely turned to the spiritual world and become a senior monk at ISKON.

He went to College of Engineering in Pune for bachelor of engineering. He completed BE in electrical engineering in the year of 1995. After that, he joined Hewlett Packard as an Electrical Engineer. Gaur Gopal Das spiritual believes in makes him turned to the senior monk at ISKON. He became a lifestyle and motivation coach and active in this field from the last two decades.

He was invited by many prestigious institutions including the British parliament during his visit to London. He is an author of various lifestyle books including Life’s Amazing Secrets, checkmate, Conquest and more.

Gaur Gopal Das Quotes

Most beautiful word of 5 characters is SMILE not MONEY.

We Should look at other’s perspective as well.

Feed your faith, your doubts shall starve to death.”

One of the enlightened people is that make feel others inspired in their company

Work for a cause not for applause. Live your life to express not impress

If you want to change the way you feel. Change the way you live

Happiness is like a butterfly. On so close but eluding us when we try to grab it.

To focus on what we can do is the most powerful catalyst for growth

If you want to know how rich are you. Drop a tear and see how many hands come to wipe that tear.

Leadership is about talking less and doing more. It is art of daring caring and sharing

Gucci suits won’t bring you satisfaction till you bring a smile on someone’s face. The good wishes of the person can do more for you.

One has to go through a lot of inner healing to let go.

A great personality is not born in the maternity ward. Great maternity is born by the choices they make.
Relax and breathe. only when you take it easy Life becomes easy to handle.

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