fiu canvas login portal webinfo Steps by Step

The fiu canvas app enables teachers to facilitate their courses on the go, both inside and outside of the classroom. This app allows rapid access to grading, communicating, and updating. Teachers can access and modify their course materials from the palm of their hand, making it easy to manage lab periods without having to worry about students getting lost.

fiu canvas

What you need: The system consists of a palm-sized control panel that runs on an open-source Android platform (1.2 GHz processor, 512 MB memory). The system is suitable for both private and public classrooms but does not require the Internet for use. It utilises Bluetooth connections to communicate with the fiu canvas tablet. The tablet is to be mounted on a stand for ease of access.

What you do: The system consists of two main parts: the control panel and the tablet itself. During this project, you will work on the control panel, developing a real-time score monitoring system that allows teachers to monitor student progress with ease and comfort. The fiu canvas tablet utilises Bluetooth connections to communicate with the control panel. You will also design and develop a multi-functional application that will allow teachers to use the tablets as they would a desktop computer or laptop.

How do I access my FIU canvas?

Once you click on canvas, it goes to a page that looks like this. If your FIU usernames and passwords are set up properly in the fiucanvas app, then it will display what is in your canvas on the screen. The login process is similar to that of logging into Facebook or entering your email. Once you enter that, enter your password and press “enter” then it takes you to your canvas where all contents are saved for future access.

fiu canvas login portal webinfo Steps by Step

Step 1: Search on Google or any other search engine for “fiu canvas login”.

Step 2: Click the link

Step 3: Click the button CANVAS LOGIN

Step 4: Enter user details and Password and you are login now. Enjoy surfing.

Make sure you have signed up before you login in if you have not created an account.

How do I add a file in FIU?

First, you will have to have the file stored on your computer. There are multiple ways to do this, but for this example we will use Microsoft Word for reference. Once you have a document open in word, you can right click on the blank white space or directly on your document. Click “FIU Upload” and it should be uploaded inside of FIU canvas. You can also use Google Drive, Dropbox, or any other cloud-based programs as long as they support FIUS uploads.

How do I download a file in FIU?

You can download both your own files, as well as the files of other users in FIU. To do that, click on the number on the top right hand corner that is next to “file” and it will take you to all files. This list will show all of the files that are applicable to what you have been assigned. If it is a group project, then you will see all of the files in that group project. To download these files into your computer, simply click on them and press “download”. It will prompt you with a box asking if you want to download this file or not and click “continue”.

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