3 Exterior Must-Haves For Credible Curb Appeal

The way that your home looks from the street can be a decisive factor in whether it sells or not. It is also this curb appeal that can, in fact, change whether you and your family are happy with your home or not. It has always been assumed that curb appeal is only important to those who are selling their home when actually, it’s just as important for those who are keeping their home. Here are some simple aspects of improving your curb appeal for either of these reasons.

Must-Haves For Credible Curb Appeal


The white picket fence or something more suited to safety and protection is a great way to add that wow factor to the exterior of your home. Look for a professional contractor who preferably has done work in the local area at a good price. If you reside in Atlanta, look for a known affordable fence of Georgia. Trends have been for horizontal slats and artisan wooden picket fencing, but there is a wider variety than you know.

The fencing is also essential if you’re looking for reductions in your home insurance. And to increase safety and security, yet this may mean that it needs a lockable gate and higher panels. So if you’re looking for high quality fences and gates installed, you can reach out to cedarmountainfence.com.

Driveways and paving

It may just be that the driveway and associated paving just needs some pressure washing and maintenance, but it is a feature that will make a massive difference to the appeal of the home from the street. Concrete and asphalt are the most popular long-lasting driveway and paver materials that are being used to add curb appeal and easier entrance ways. However, some really innovative products will really make your entrances and driveways beautiful. Cobblestones may be more expensive but will last longer than brick pavers. When deciding on what kind of material you should go for, it’s important that you do research so that you can find the best solution that works for you. Also, it’s important to make sure that your driveway and paver are maintained and cleaned properly with the help of pavers cleaning services.

Porch cosmetics

Your front door and the area around it is the area that makes the most impression on those arriving or entering the home and doesn’t really take that much to sort. Paint the door a color that you like and that suits the overall exterior. Bright colors are trending, and this will depend on what the door is made of, but some of the latest materials can come in any color you like or be wrapped to suit your design scheme. The porch has made a considered comeback, and with the proliferation of community events being hosted on porches and the younger generation insisting on these spaces, they have become a modern addition to most suburban homes that can definitely increase your curb appeal.

Whether you are looking to make exterior and cosmetic changes to directly affect the selling price of your home or are just looking for a way to put the excitement back into your arrival home, these three simple renovation and exterior upgrades can easily be implemented to heighten the curb appeal of your home and increase its value.

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