Lesser known facts about Dallas Mccarver bodybuilder

Dallas WWE The celebrity bodybuilding Dallas McCarver, after his tragic and unforeseen death, left everyone stunned. He was well-known as the relaxation boyfriend of WWE Genius Dana Brooke. He was famous for his nickname of ‘Big Country,’ and was 8th in My Olympic competition in 2016.

Dallas Mccarver bodybuilder wiki and lesser known facts

Real NameDallas McCarver
Date of BirthApril 19, 1991
Place of BirthBoca Raton, Florida
22 August 2017
Height1.83 m
Known for Bodybuilding
Death Reasonchoking
NationalityUnited States
Social MediaNot available

Early Life

Dallas McCarver was born in Boca Raton, Florida, on April 09, 1991. The US national is an Afro-American ethnic group. At the age of 27, he died of food choking on August 22, 2017.


A rising star with a starting point at a young age, Dallas McCarver. He was the youngest pro to win an all-around champion at the pro qualifier in 2012 with his hard work in the gym. At the age of 21, he took everything at the North American Championship. The megastar bodybuilding was practiced with his partner Josh Lenartowicz in the Flex Lewis Fitness Center in Florida.

There were two pro winners of the bodybuilding star in 2015, including California Pro 2015 and Chicago Pro 2016. He finished second in the grand finals of the Arnold Classic in Columbus before Cedric McMillan. A week later, he won the New Zealand Pro’s second-place trophy. All went well, but sadly, Arnold Australia was not done because of his respiratory infection, and he nearly collapsed on stage. In 2016 he finished 8th, my competition for the Olympics.

Dallas McCarver

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Education and Bodybuilding

Originally from Tennessee, Memphis, Dallas. He played soccer in high school and was initially involved in weightlifting. At the age of 21, he began participating in bodybuilding and became acquainted with the sport. In 2012 Dallas won his Pro Card in the 2012 NPC North American Super Heavyweight division. The latest version has been released. He won three out of five IFBB contests between 2012 and 2015. For several months Dallas had been dating WWE superstar Dana Brooke. He had generous support for Instagram and had more than 475K followers, and he was a well-known figure in the bodybuilding market. For his professional ethic and a generous heart to others, Dallas is recalled.

Personal Life and Girlfriend

Dallas McCarver was in beautiful touch with American fitness and model coach Dana Brooke, an up-to-date WWE wrestler. The WWE Production Territory is currently allocated to Dana NXT. There is, however, no knowledge about couples. In addition to this, we have no records of Dallas’s relationship in the past, and Dana is also single from her then-girlfriend, and it seems that her life was not dramatic. Besides, the company bodybuilder and the wrestler are not interested in some business, speculation, or dispute. His last article was a video that shows him doing a practice.

Dallas McCarver died at the age of 26

After shaking off food, a bodybuilding boyfriend from WWE ace Dana Brooke was found dead. Monday night in his home, Florida, McCarver was found unconscious. Josh Lenartowicz, one of his colleagues, went home to see him lying unconsciously and later found him dead in his hospital. Dallas McCarver used to take Insulin, according to his friend, because he was able to die of diabetes because of a medicine-related disorder. The 27-year-old late bodybuilder, who collapsed on stage during a bodybuilding event in 2017, may have experienced the same kind of shock.

Similarly, during an investigation in his house, the police discovered 20 bottles of steroids, which suggested potential deaths. He also told the officer his then-friend, Ashley Mae, had been eating steroids for more than two decades. Dallas McCarver, according to Internist Dr. Irving Sobel, may have the weakness of the heart muscle or the sort of rhythm of sudden death. Later in November 2017, a combination of coronary atherosclerotic disease and enlarged ventricle, as stated in his Autopsy Report, proved that he had died from a cardiac incident. Dallas’s condition was a hereditary disease.


  1. 2011: NPC Hub City Fitness Quest – 1st
  2. 2011: NPC Battle at the River Championships- 1st
  3. 2011: NPC Battle at the River Championships- 1st
  4. 2012: IFBB North American Championships- 1st
  5. 2012: IFBB North American Championships- np
  6. 2012: IFBB North American Championships- 1st
  7. 2015: IFBB California State Pro- 1st
  8. 2015: IFBB Olympia Weekend- 13th

Net Worth

Dallas McCarver received much money from various sources. Moreover, his earnings and wages are currently unconfirmed. Those earnings are roundabout and close to probably when it comes to the total net worth of McCarver tiles of $80,000.

Dallas Mccarver Wiki

A professional bodybuilder and well-known bodybuilding face, Dallas McCarver was a.k.a Big Nation. At the height of 6 foot and one inch, he stood high, weighing 300 lbs. Dallas was a professional bodybuilding and fitness professional from Tennessee. The NPC Hub City Fitness Quest hosted his first bodybuilding exhibition in 2011. When he was in high school, he fell in love with weight lifting. Late Dallas was 21 and soon started to win big matches. Late Dallas was bodybuilding. In the 2016 Olympia race, he was in eighth place last year. In March 2017, McCarver debuted for enthusiastic bodybuilding with Cedric McMillan in the Arnold Classic and was in second place.

  1. First and last name: Dallas Mccarver
  2. Career: influencer
  3. Date of birth:  April 09, 1991
  4. Birthplace: unknown
  5. Location: unknown
  6. Horoscope sign: Capricorn
  7. Death: August 22, 2017

Unknown Facts about Dallas McCarver

  1. He’s 29 years old, Dallas Mccarver.
  2. He came to be on April 09, 1991
  3. Sign of the horoscope: Capricorn
  4. Horoscope Sign of China: Goat

Bottom Line

The article highlights WWE, the famous Dallas Mccarver’s life, from the day of his birth, until today. He was born unknown, on 09 April 1991, based on our results. He’s 29 this year, and his real name is Dallas McCarver. A fascinating fact is that Dallas Mccarver was born under a Capricorn horoscope sign. He loves his work and keeps doing his best. That is why most people know Dallas Mccarver as a renowned influencer with a strong fan base. “Wiki” – Wiki (Wikipedia), History, Age, DOB, Details, Movies, HD Photographs, Dolls, Biodiversity, Biomass, Family, Families, Parents, Husband, Girl.

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