10 Easy and Creative Ways to Promote Your Event

So you have organized an event that you want to go viral? Congratulations on making such an achievement. No matter the sort of event you wish to lunch, you will agree that your event will be more successful and more converting only if you manage to attract a large number of attendees.

But now assuming this could be the first time you are organizing such an event, you may not be so sure what you are supposed to do or the approach you should take to attract as many individuals as possible. We understand the hard times you are experiencing and that’s why we are composing this post to give you a breakthrough.

Here we will have a deeper look at some of the most critical aspects you should focus on when looking to promote your business event.

Creative Ways to Promote Your Event

10 Easy and Creative Ways to Promote Your Event

1. Promoting Your Event Using Social Media Profiles

With statistics showing that more than 90% of adults use more than one social media accounts, there are no doubts that using social profiles can be a viable approach to promote your specific business event.

But how do you go about it? Start by answering these questions:

  • What’s the purpose of your event?
  • What benefit will the attendees gain if they choose to attend the event?
  • What is the requirement for attending such an event?
  • Who is invited to the event?

Include as many details regarding the event as possible. Besides, make sure that you post on a social platform where your prospects are. This will make sure you reach as many individuals as possible – thus contributing to the success of the event.

2. Offer Special Discounts on Tickets

When planning an event, you have hopes to maximize the sale of tickets, right? If your answer to this inquiry is affirmative, then you should sweeten the ticket offer deals as much as you can. Most individuals are attracted to better deals so you have to come up with something that will prompt them to take action.

As a rule of thumb, no two ticket orders should be similar! You should, for example, offer say, 40% discount to individuals who attended a similar event before (if the event has occurred in the past) and say a 50% discount to individuals who book early tickets.

Those who participated in your previous event(s) will not feel so pleased if you offer them the same offers as those who are coming for the first time.

Experts advise you to offer reasonable discounts. Your event attendees should feel that you care about them – whereas there is no strict rule regarding the discount offer you should give, they will feel better if you offer them say, 20% discount on the ticket (and not 5% discount).

3. Hand out Custom Branded Items

Custom branded products have the power to convert potential customers into brand ambassadors. With research showing that more than 50% of individuals receiving custom branded items use them almost on a daily basis, experts advise you to give out as many free custom branded items to customers as possible. Some of the custom branded products you should give out include custom label water bottles, t-shirts, caps, banners, flags, and many more.

With custom branded items, even individuals who would have otherwise not attended the event are compelled to attend as they influence others.

4. Add the Event to Your Email Signature

We are currently living in a world where marketers are using their emails as the best approaches to promote their latest events. If you are looking to promote your business event using email messages, do the following: include Call to Action (CTA), keep it simple and straight to the point and avoid using quotes or complex statements, etc.

5. Include the Event Link on Your Social Media Profiles

Since you are looking to spread the word regarding your business event as wide as possible, make certain that you add your event link on your social media profiles. Such links will prompt customers to click and navigate to your event landing page where they can learn more regarding your business event.

6. Partner with a Social Media Influencer

Social media influencers are people who have established solid credibility in a given niche and have a wide audience reach. They are people who have the capacity to influence others to take a certain action. Social media influencers are knowledgeable in the sense that they know what their followers need and how they can offer exactly that when promoting your product.

7. Partner with a Social Media Influencer

An event blog is the best place to make a key announcement regarding your upcoming event(s). Whereas you can share the basic issues regarding your event through social media profiles, emails, etc., an event blog offers detailed information regarding the event you are planning. It’s on your event blog post where you will answer as many questions as possible regarding what a potential attendee would like to know.

8. Create Relevant Content for Your Target Audience

Before you can embark on promoting your planned event, make sure you identify the right audience for the event. You would not get the desired result if you promote your event to the wrong individuals. Discover where your potential event attendees are and reach out to them.

9. Create Viral Content on Social Media

One of the most viable ways of connecting you with your event prospects is through understanding their needs – know what they want to hear, see, or read about. Make sure your event rhymes with their needs. In other words, make sure you create the buyer’s person.

10. Send Out Email Marketing Invites

Email marketing has proved to be one of the most effective ways of promoting events and products. If you want your email invite to deliver the expected result, make certain that it’s crafted to create awareness, and encourage individuals to take part.

The Bottom Line

Promoting your event is not the hardest thing to do – follow the above guide the next time you will be looking to make your event go viral.

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