A Guide To Choosing A Silver Prom Dress

The natural color of silver is warm, inviting and rather sexy, so it isn’t surprising that this shade is a favorite for prom girls and if you have your heart set on a silver designer dress for the up-and-coming prom, there’s a lot to consider.

Choosing A Silver Prom Dress

Think Dress Length-

Great legs need to be seen and a sexy short number would turn a few heads. If you’d rather go long, a ball gown style with pearl beading would be ideal. Midi also works, depending on your body shape and personality, and chiffon is a real wow!

Sizing Up Is Smart –

Ordering the wrong size is always a risk. Ask a locally based seamstress to measure your vitals, then you can shop with some confidence. Size up one if you are between sizes.

Go Designer-

This won’t be the only time you wear this number and you can find 2022 silver prom dresses at the online boutique for very affordable prices. Simply search by price and you can view a wide range of silver creations and you’re sure to see the dress of your dreams.

Check Out The Returns Policy –

When ordering from an online boutique, you should always read their returns policy, as this avoids any misunderstanding in the event you are not happy for any reason. Most reputable boutiques are happy to replace any garment, provided it hasn’t been altered or damaged in any way. Whatever you buy online, read the returns policy first.

Style For Your Personality-

Rather than copying an Instagram image you saw, you should build your look around your personality. A bubbly outgoing girl could get away with a silver two-piece, while the quietly confident girl can go for a floor length gown. Browse designs online until you see a number that says something to you and you won’t be disappointed.

Beaded Or Sequinned-

Why not go the whole 9 yards and wear a silver beaded or sequinned gown? Pearl and sterling silver jewellery paired with a gold bag make this a real stunning look. Long, wavy hair or an up-do are ideal for this slinky style.

Order In Advance –

Whether the prom or any other formal event, when ordering a designer gown online, allow a few days to have the dress altered, which is almost always needed. Some girls seem to be lucky when sizing, while others tend to under or over-size. If there is a little taking-in to do, this takes time.

Shop Out Of Season –

Boutiques are much like other businesses in as much as they have busy seasons and quiet times. Buying a dress in the low season would see you get some kind of reduction and in some cases, the gown is on a special. Google can find many such online retailers, so comparing prices is a breeze.

Silver is a favorite for many girls and hopefully, you’ll be the only one wearing your unique designer dress and this year’s prom will be a memory you treasure forever!

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