Celestia Vega Twitter, Instagram, Age, Height, Wiki and Lesser known facts

Celestia vega has such a pretty face whoever seen once cannot forget and that i.e fans following of her is quite big. She is a famous American former Social media personality, YouTube content creator, social media sensation, and twitch Star from New York. Celestia has a really big fan following on several social media platforms and more than 557 K Youtube subscribers.

Basic information about Celestia Vega

She has done her studies at the local private school.  When she was just a teenager she attended a classical music school and invested her time in learning guitar. Although, there is a rumor about her studies that she is a dropped out student when she was just in middle school. No one knows the reason behind it and detail about the education is not even available to anyone. She has never discussed it and never talked about it with anyone.

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Celestia Vega Twitter, Instagram, Age, Height, Wiki and Lesser known facts

Real NameCelestia Vega
Date of BirthAugust 12, 1998, California
ProfessionSocial Media Personality
Age22 Years as of Jan 2021
Height162 cm
Weight48 kg (105 Ibs)
Body TypePear
Hair colourBrunette
Eye colourBlue
Movie genreHorror
HobbiesShe loves cooking, travelling, and writing poetry.
GamesAnimal Crossing: Wild World and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and RuneScape
BandA Day to Remember, Pierce The Veil, and Sleeping With Sirens
Social MediaTwitter- celestia717

Youtube – CelestiaVega 

About her family 

However, the information about her family is that she belongs to a rich and wealthy family. But she never ever talked about her family and this is the reason she has never revealed her parents and siblings information, even their names. Celestia said she does not want any media attention and she is of Caucasian ethnicity. About her childhood days, she said that she always remained an outcast and this was the reason she moved towards video games and used to spend more of her time playing video games to fill the gap.

In 2015, she began streaming on ‘Twitch back’ it was because she always had loved games a lot and created a community.  In the year 2020, she got huge attention and her followers had crossed numbers of 217k. Rest all are memories of everything about her RuneScape.

More often, she has found enjoying chatting with her online family and she loves interacting with them. This was the time when she had begun wearing sexy clothes in order to gain more of the audience and their attention. This was also one of reason which brought her lots of popularity and appreciation from her fans. Then on November 15th, she began with her career on the YouTube platform, and there too she got the same kind of love and attention.

When she had gained enough popularity she deleted all the adult content from her social media (her pornographic content). But for a period she was out of light and she returned back in the year 2019. When this time she came back, she left everything behind, her name, fame, and that image, and this time she began with new and fresh. It was a period of five months when she had quit everything but on May 17th, 2019 she was on the track and back to the pavilion. She had launched a video with the name ‘I am back’ and she even stated that she missed her online family a lot but she was away from the internet. But until yet, she had not announced that she has left her sex work as it really affected her life and mental health. She realized that she was not for this industry nor this industry was for her.

There is one of her videos that got more attention and views from people and it was posted by KSI on 4th April 2018. This content had also received more than 14 million views and this drew much attention from the audience. The net worth is $450,000 US Dollars comparing with the current time.

Personal Life 

According to some sources she is bisexual, when she was in 8th standard she was more attracted to a girl. As per the news, Celestia even gave her a passionate kiss, and her name was linked to many, once her name got linked with KSI.

Some known and unknown fact about Celestia Vega 

She began her career by playing video games when she was a teenager. There are many games she used to play on ‘Twitch back’; they were Adventure Quest, RuneScape, Crash Bandicoot, Tekken, etc. But then she went for pornography as an adult when she had turned 18 in the way of exploring herself more in every way physically, mentally, and emotionally. At first, she had become a cam model, and then she tried many more things into her life as a career. She is even an active member on Twitter and Tik Tok. The username is ‘Celestia717’ on all kinds of platforms.

She is a huge animal lover on her Twitter account where she has more than 140 k followers and this is hardly known fact by people that she is a vegan. Her favourite song is ‘Bring Me the Horizon’ rock band. She had even signed one of the projects with LA Direct Models (agent agency). However, she hardly has ever shared her personal details; she just said that she is not comfortable with these things.


Celestia is an active member of social media and you can find her on her Twitter account. You can get connected with her to get all the updates about her life and whereabouts. She often shares about her current stuff and you can collect all the fresh and new pictures and updates about her. You can even follow her on Twitter she is quite more active there than on other platforms. Or you can stay with us, we have also information about her, and we are here to give all the information and updates in one place. So you can do both stays with us and get information about her and also follow her to get connected personally.

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