Careers in the Arts and Entertainment Industry

Many people have visualized themselves working in the arts and entertainment industry at one time or another. Even if it’s a fleeting daydream, people often wonder what a Hollywood career would be like. What many people don’t realize is that there are several different career options in the arts and entertainment industry, being an actor isn’t the only career option available. If you are interested in working in the entertainment industry you might want to consider one of the many careers available to you. You can also choose more than one option. Some well-established professionals wear more than one hats in the field of arts and entertainment. David Guilllod, for example, is a film and television producer and a talent manager.

Arts and Entertainment Industry

Talent Manager

A talent manager is responsible for identifying potential actors and then and guiding them through the early stages of their careers. Talent managers help actors establish themselves in the film and television industry, and serve as a mentor when it comes to matters such as publicity, establishing new relationships in the industry and making business decisions.

Film and Television Producer

A producer can be tasked with overseeing all the many different phases of the production of a film or television show. You may have noticed that most movies have several different producers, this is because there are several different phases of production. Producers are needed for pre-production phases such as identifying a script to scoping potential destinations to post-production editing and publicity coordination. There are also producers who manage the business side of making films, such as making arrangements for all of the financing. Producers can either work independently or as part of a production company.


Some of the careers in the entertainment industry are strictly behind the scenes. Screenwriters develop the story that will be told. They can write original material or adapt material from an existing book, stage production or real-life events. Screenwriters can also be hired specifically to manage script development. Screenwriters can work independently or as part of a collaboration with a group of people.


A director is the one who determines how the film will look, or how the story will be told visually. They make creative and artistic decisions regarding how filming is conducted, what angles will be used, how transitions are made, different styles of lighting, and many other


There are several different components to marketing in the film industry, and it can take several different marketing professionals to manage the many different marketing components needed in the entertainment industry. There are marketing professionals that focus solely on actors, they help to develop publicity events and materials and coordinate special guest appearances. There is also staff dedicated to marketing the film, which entails everything from designing posters to crafting movie trailers.

Film Editor

Every good film must have a good editor. Editors work with all the raw footage of a film and then they select which shots to use and how to put them together. Editors may use a combination of live film and still photographs. Editors work with coloring, lighting, music, and pacing.

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