Can the bride’s mother wear Black or White: Choosing the right dress?

Neither the mother of the bride nor the mother of the bridegroom can wear black. This is a general rule that holds true for any wedding guest: Black is a very serious and superstitious color, and White is the bride’s exclusive color. So, not wanting to show up on the wedding day with any of these colors. You are only liberated to choose black or white as mother of the bride dresses if it is the bride’s wish. Otherwise, it is prohibited!

bride mother's dress

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Essential Tips!

Accessories are released for plus size mother of the bride dresses! You can wear necklace, bracelet, purse, earrings everything that can complement your look and leave you more elegant yet!

Bet on Navy Blue, Gold, Green and Red – no mistake!

Beware of the advanced necklines! If it’s a much exaggerated neckline, you may end up getting a little vulgar and completely avoiding the party proposal.

Do you like it? Do not miss out on the Dress Code for a perfect party dress!  and tell us what you think of our tips!

Dress for Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom

You certainly were present when choosing the wedding dress, giving the best advice on the model and participating in the main decisions of your daughter’s wedding. Or she was at her son’s side, making a point of adjusting the suit mill metrically to his body and leaving every detail flawless. You made a point of helping in everything! And now it’s your turn to shine and choose the gown for the bride’s mother or the perfect groom’s mother!

Mother of the Bride x Mother of the Groom

There is no visual distinction between one and the other. The same rules that apply to the mother of the bride are valid for the groom. Even that belief that the mother of the bride has to choose the dress first is worthless! The correct thing is that the two agree on the model, colors, and details of the dress.

Dress for mother of the bride and mother of the groom for each wedding

As we always talk in the posts for dresses, each dress looks better with a type of wedding. And this is no different from the bride’s mother dress. Check out the wedding styles according to schedule and find your perfect dress.

Mother of the bride wedding dress

Daytime ceremonies are light and laid-back, so it’s important to highlight these features in your look. But not everyday wedding is the same. While the daytime wedding on the beach prompts for a bright and cheerful look, the country wedding – which has a classic foot – calls for classic shades such as rose tea, or even golden. So, check out what looks best in each of them.

Beach wedding

Sand wedding can have two styles: the first is at the foot in the sand. And the second luxury usually occurs in hotels. The first style calls for simpler dresses and light fabrics, such as tulle, mousseline, and silk fluttering fabrics. The colors can be lively and cheerful, and even have chicks prints, such as floral and geometric.

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