The Benefits of Pellet Grill

A pellet grill is the latest advancement in barbecuing.  Many know them by their more common name smoker.  The pellet grill is powered not by gas, aelectric, or charcoal but by hardwood pellets.  They act more like an outdoor oven than a grill but will still grill your food.  To check out some pellet grills visit  When you use this type of grill the wood pellets are ignited and then it uses a system of fans to heat the food to a certain temperature.  These types of grills will not only grill your food, but also smoke it, bake, and even braise it.  You can make almost anything on this grill that you would make in a standard oven.

Benefits of Pellet Grill

How it works

The wood pellets are put in a chamber called a pellet hopper, from which the heat is generated.  They will move through the auger to the firepot.  The fire pot is what heats the whole cooking chamber of the grill.  The smoke and heat are dispensed using the fan system and give the food a rich, natural wood flavor.

How to?

  • Bake—this type of grill uses indirect, dry heat like a convection oven so you can bake what you would like on them, like bread, biscuits, and desserts. The baked goods will not taste smoky
  • Smoke—these pellet grills are made to be s smoker and are free of This is a by-product that you can sometimes get from a wood-burning or charcoal smoker due to incomplete combustion that is commonly found in smokers that are not operated correctly.  With a pellet grill, the foods are infused with a cleaner flavor.
  • Grill—many do not feel that they are really “grills” because most have a slow, low way of cooking but with today’s pellet grills, many can reach temperatures that are hotter than most gas grills. Some of them can grill meats and vegetables in just minutes and give them a clean, mildly smoky flavor.


  • With this grill being able to do more than grill, the options what to cook in a pellet grill are endless because it cooks things slow and low or faster and hotter.
  • You can also set the temperature to give you more efficient, consistent cooking. This means that you do not have to continually watch your food to make sure that it is not cooking too fast, too slow, or is burning.
  • With no open flames, you do not have to worry about flare-ups.
  • With this grill there is no fire, just heat, and smoke, so you will not have to worry about your food getting a burnt or blackened flavor.
  • You get flavors unlike any that you can get with a charcoal or gas grill. The smoke is your seasoning, which gives your food a more robust, deeper flavor.  It is like a natural, spicy, smoky, sweet flavor.  This flavor is the real benefit of owning one of these grills.  Wood provides the best flavor.
  • By using wood pellets you can also choose the flavor you want and can even combine them to create a perfect or unique flavor. You can get wood pellets in mesquite, cherry, apple, hickory, pecan, and more.
  • You do not have to worry about adding more fuel or adjusting air vents to keep a stable temperature.
  • To start a pellet grill, you just have to prime the fire pot, ignite the grill by touching a button and let the controller take care of the rest. There is no lighter fluid or starter fluid you need to add.
  • Many of the pellet grills today will let you connect them to a phone app via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth so you can control it from your Smartphone. By doing this, you can monitor and adjust the temperature of the grill.
  • All you have to do is add the wooden pellets, which are clean and will not leave your hands black and smelling of starting fluid like you would have when using a charcoal grill.
  • They are very easy to use as most are pre-programmed with various smoking cycles
  • Once you have filled the hopper with the wood pellets and started it, the grill will monitor the temperature and add more pellets automatically as they are needed to keep the temperature where it should be.
  • You do not have to preheat the pellet grill or wait for any charcoal to burn down before you put food on it. If you do decide to preheat it, the pellet grill will only take ten to fifteen minutes to do so.
  • Some have a sear station so you can grill directly over the firepot.
  • Although they may cost a little more than regular charcoal, gas, or electric grill, you are getting a great value for your money. You are getting both a smoker and a grill.
  • Most are built with solid construction and stainless steel components so they will last several summers.
  • The food is not cooked unevenly.

In conclusion

The first pellet grill was patented in 1986 and in the beginning, the cooking on it was low and slow but the ones today are capable of about any cooking.  The temperatures can range from under 200 degrees to over 700 degrees Fahrenheit, it can do about anything.  Some can even sear your food. Check the temperature range before buying one as not all can reach that high of a temperature.

Although there are a lot of advantages of using a pellet grill, there is one major disadvantage; it depends on electricity to operate so you cannot take it to a park, camping, or for tailgating parties unless there is electricity available.  It is a minor disadvantage when you look at all the great advantages.  If you want a grill that also smokes food and is easy to use, consider purchasing a pellet grill for all your grilling and cooking needs.


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