How To Market Your Business Using Audio Advertising

We are more connected with technology now than we have ever been before. The average person will interact with a form of technology many times throughout the day without even realising it via the smart device in their pocket. That’s how ingrained these devices have become.

Some people will watch a streaming show, go online for work and then listen to a podcast on the way home, all in one day. These innovations make finding entertainment easy for the general public, but it also means that businesses have new avenues in which to market themselves.

There are platforms where marketing is made easy and other times you have to be more creative. Here’s how you can market your business properly with audio advertising.

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What Is Audio Advertising?

Audio advertising is a method of marketing using only sound based platforms, most notably the apps on a smartphone. In times past, businesses would place paid ads on the radio to promote themselves. Unfortunately, the general public aren’t really listening to the radio anymore. It isn’t an obsolete format yet, but it isn’t the platform it used to be. That does not mean that the audio format is dead. You can still find plenty of ways to get your audio ads out there.

Where Can You Put Audio Advertising?

The idea of audio ads is nothing new, as mentioned above. Businesses have used this type of marketing for years and it is still a viable means to reach your audience. The only difference is you need to move the ads to a different platform.

The general public is no longer using the radio, but they are listening to programs and receiving information via podcasts and social media. These are the places that want to target with your audio ads.

This audio content can include a music content streamer, a podcast network or even a digital radio service. It is definitely worth taking a look at current trends and statistics to learn where it is most effective to place your audio ads, but the sky is the limit. If you can use podcasting within your business to push across knowledge, expertise, or even spark a conversation, podcasting is the way forward. Visit to learn how to start a podcast for free.

Why Use Audio Advertising?

You can use audio advertising in the same way as you do regular marketing. The aim is to present a clear picture of what your business does and why customers should choose to use your service over other providers.

Audio ads are trickier to get to grips with as you cannot use any visual aids to back up your points. You need to be descriptive and engaging all in a short space of time. Businesses choose to market themselves in an audio format as you can target audiences when they don’t expect it. Everyone assumes that they will have to endure ads when watching T.V, but when listening to music it can come as quite a surprise. Audiences can choose to change the channel when the advert starts, but you can strategically place ads in between songs; therefore, they are forced to listen to it before their next song starts.

Of course, your main goal should be keeping these ads concise so as not to put off your potential audience, but play around and see if you can think of other clever places to place audio ads.

How Audio Advertising Works

Recent studies have shown that audio ads are effective at building brands. Most of this data is down to the fact that people aren’t always aware that they are listening to an advert. The best audio ads contain small skits between two actors describing the product. This break will be obvious to those that listen to music, but during a podcast or news segment, this switch isn’t noticeable right away. By the time your listener has figured out that it is advert, they have already taken in the information that you want.

What’s more, the work of audio advertising isn’t always done by you, the business. There are professionals that can monitor and track online patterns between internet users to find the best place to insert your ads in an audio format.

This process is called behavioural tracking, and it is useful for learning about your audience and finding out the best places to market for them. Also, a publisher of audio content will often automate their adverts, slipping them into a majority of their content at the push of a button. Therefore, you can target a huge chunk of potential customers with very little effort.


Audio advertising has been around since the turn of the 20th century and has endured ever since. The technology used to listen to these ads may have changed, but the method of reaching your audience hasn’t.

There are many different avenues that you can pursue to get your audio ads out there, so why not try one of the methods above.

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