Are Dog Nail Grinders Better Than Clippers

Being a dog parent, you are supposed to give equal attention to all the grooming areas of your pet dog. Another considerable grooming area of your pet dog is its long nails. With proper trimming, your pooch stays comfortable at its toes/feet. Nail grinders and nail clippers are two most used tools for cutting those extra bits of nails from your pooch’s claws. Both are commendable tools, although the debate that “is dog nail grinder better than clipper?” never settles equal for anyone.

Nail trimming sessions can get quite challenging especially when your pet dog is energetic and playful. Getting around your dog in the process is very important. This is exactly why you need to settle down which nail trimming tool is ideal for your pet; nail grinder or clipper.

Dog Nail Grinders Better Than Clippers

Dog Nail Clippers:

Clippers are used to clip off or cut your dog’s nail to a required length. They usually look like pliers pairs and have curved blades, perfect for dog’s nail cut. They are best suited for small dogs or puppies.

Dog Nail Grinders:

Grinder is a good option if your dog hates to get its nails done with clippers. Just like its name suggests, grinder wears off the extra length of nails and shapes them well. They run with electricity.

Comparison between Nail Grinders and Clippers:

Now that you have enough understanding about dog nail grinder and clippers, let’s compare their performance. Then we can decide whether the nail grinder grinds off nails with perfection or the clipper trims them well.

Let’s make headway to dog nail grinder vs clipper!

Which Tool Is Much Safer? Clipper or Grinder

When it comes to safety, a nail grinder is a clear winner because of the slow trimming. You are free from having your pooch’s toes bleed. Clippers are safe too but not as safe as grinders.

Which Tool Is More Convenient? Clipper or Grinder

Nail grinders don’t freak out your dog. They are better trimming tools especially when your dog has a clipper induced anxiety. You also have a second chance with trimming your dog’s toenails with a grinder.

However, you need to introduce your precious pooch already with the grinder before using it. Although, if your dog’s claws are small, you better use nail clippers.

Which Tool Is More Efficient? Clipper Or Grinder

Grinders have higher efficiency as your dog’s nails are done with much neatness and precision. But if your dog doesn’t stay around for long, you better use clippers to get the work done.

Which Tool Is Budget-Friendly? Clipper Or Grinder

If you want to settle your needs within a low budget, then you can get clipper. However, if you are looking to invest more, get a dog nail grinder.

Bottom Line – Is Nail Grinder Better Than Clipper?

Considering efficiency, convenience, and safety, nail grinders unarguably come off as a better option than nail clippers. But it still isn’t too simple to conclude since your dog’s nature and personality decide well which trimming tool is the best.

As far as the performance is concerned, nail grinders are better than clippers.

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