Follow These Tips To Take Your Apex Legends Game To The Pro Level

Apex Legends has the sense of a much swifter battle royale game. The title has more in line with traditional hero shooters than it does with comparable battle royale games like Fortnite or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. With all that in view, some novice players may find it challenging to adapt to the game’s fast speed, particularly when attempting to aim in frenetic shootouts.

The following sections will cover all you need to learn, from mouse settings (for PC players) to understand how to land. By the conclusion of this tutorial, you should be racking up victories like a professional and earning that coveted XP.

Apex Legends Game

Recognize how your character moves

This isn’t the same as Fortnite. You can’t just construct your path out of a bind. To gain control of a battle, you’ll need to narrow the distance between you and the opposing team while using cover. You’re a sitting target if you don’t understand the subtleties of mobility in this game.

Rather than sprinting in a straight path, you should slip for half a second, leap, and sprint again. You’ll be zipping across the landscape in no time if you repeat this rhythm each two to three seconds.

Practice snapping in training mode

Spend a bit of time in training mode, becoming acquainted with each firearm and honing your aim. There are some excellent exercises you may perform in training mode to achieve this. Snapping will be the first of them.

There are many moving objectives in training mode and ones that compensate players with more damage for properly positioned hits. You’ll want to take extra time targeting while flicking between them.

Learn how to descend more quickly

In Apex Legends, knowing how to drop correctly is crucial. If you’re arriving in a hot zone, you’ll need to out-loot your opponents. Most players ping the area where they want to land and then follow a diagonal path until they reach their destination.

While this technique may seem to be a quick way to get to your goal, you’ll waste a lot of time and distance. Descend straight down to collect enough momentum (145), then move back to continue floating towards your goal (135), descend again to acquire speed, and repeat this procedure until you get to your destination.

While injured, remain engaged

If they land a good hit on an opponent, most gamers will go all out. If you’re being pushed about, do all you can to retain your position and hold the adversary at bay. It’s sometimes better to keep fighting even if you’re knocked down since shattering an enemy’s Shields could be enough to stop their assault and rescue your squad.

Make the most of hacking

Apex Legends hacks are exploits that enable you to change the game’s data. There are several reasons why we need game hackers. When we play a game, we sometimes have to deal with hackers and cheats. Those cheaters are the worst, and when you’re playing in an atmosphere where cheaters are prevalent, you’re constantly thinking about hacks to protect yourself.

Shut the door behind you

In every battle royale, the key to success is to use the map to one’s benefit. That involves shutting the door next to you in Apex Legends.

Many gamers overlook closing the door, making it easy for attackers to approach you externally. If your health starts to dwindle and you want to plunder while you’re still alive, remember to close the door.

Identifying the ideal mouse sensitivity

The following suggestion is a little more challenging to implement since it depends entirely on personal taste and your setup. You may adjust your mouse sensitivity as well as your sensitivity when shooting down crosshairs in the game. Set the mouse sensitivity as minimal as comfortable to minimize inconsistencies and give you more command over your motion.


That concludes our Apex Legends advice. Apex is, above all things, a cooperative game, and there isn’t even a traditional solo mode. If you’d like to thrive, you must communicate and build trust. If you’re just getting started in this frantic and constantly entertaining battle royale, perhaps you’ve acquired a firmer foothold.

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