Anya Chalotra Age, Height, Wiki, Bio, Pictures, Net Worth and Little Known Facts

Anya Chalotra is an English actress. She is actually popular for her role as Yennefer of Vengerberg in the Netflix original series that is The Witcher. Before this role, she also played the role of Vanderlust. Let’s take a look over further details about her including her family and early life.

Anya Chalotra

Anya Chalotra Age, Height, Wiki, Bio, Pictures, Net Worth and Little Known Facts

Early Life

Her father is an Indian and her mother is English. She grew up in Lower Penn. It is a village in South Staffordshire England. She is also having two siblings and an elder sister and younger brother. She completed her schooling from Saint Dominic grammar school for girls in Bollywood and later on, she joined the London Academy of music and dramatic art, and then she went to the guildhall school of music and drama.


Talking about a career then she has been starred in several productions of west and theatre including much ado about nothing and also the famous the village.

Apart from this, in the year 2019, she grabbed the main role of Jennifer of Vengerberg in the Netflix fantasy drama The Witcher. Her series got premiered on 20th December 2019.

In her whole television career, she appears in measured glimpses. In the Vanderlust series of Netflix, she played the part of a book is aloof who later on blooms into a layered character. Apart from this, she also played different roles in different web series of Netflix and others. But her careers get a major turn when she appeared in Netflix’s original series The Witcher. This series helped her really shining and pitching her right at the center of an ethical universe as an enigmatic, where one had so that commands undeniable attention. This role actually transformed her and given her a unique identity of her own.

Family Cast and Boyfriend

Her father’s name is Madan Chalotra and he is an Indian. As we have stated that her mother was a British and her name was April Chalotra. She is also having an elder sister Riya Chalotra and brother Arun Chalotra. Recently, it has been reported that she was dating Honduran and writer and journalist Juan F Sanchez

Early Career

She started her career as a theatre artist in London. At that time she played a role in some of the theoretical places including notorious abuse, greater expectations, the crucible, the bulb in Gilead, the merchant of Venice, the same deep water as me, and others.

When she appeared in the village her role was appreciated by the critics. Thereafter she made her TV debut with the series vendor lust where she played the character of Jennifer Ashman. The series was started on 4th September 2018 and they’re on BBC one. This series is also available on Netflix. You can watch it if you want. Apart from this, in the same year, she gave her appearance in the mini-series, ABC murders. In this, she portrayed the character of Lilima Bhari. Not only this but then and she dubbed for the character of robin lock silly in the animated film Sherwood.

Net worth

According to the statistics available, her net worth is estimated to be around 1 lakh dollars.


  • She loves reading, shopping, and travelling. These are her favorite hobbies.
  • She loves to spend her holidays in Miami.
  • She is also a trained singer.
  • She has completed her diploma in musical theatre from the London College of music.
  • She is actually versatile and worst in performing ballet, tap dance, modern and contemporary dance forms.

She always loves to be the center of attraction. In her interviews also, she shares about her childhood incidents and others. Once in an interview, she shared that she discovered her natural flair of showmanship early in her life. Thereafter she was put in front of her relatives by her father when she was just eight years old. At the family get together, her father told her to sing an Indian song. At that very moment, she loves the attention she got.

While talking about her series the witcher said that when she gets a call from London that she is getting a part in the witcher then she was like no way. She was really shock and not able to believe it. Then she landed thus a role in production with Netflix. She told that she is actually very excited.

So, finally, these are all the essential details about your favorite character Anya Chalotra. She is actually one of the inspirations for all those who are willing to you are the right chance or direction.

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