Tips for Creating an Engaging Animated Explainer Video

Are you thinking about investing in an animated explainer video for your business? It’s a great decision because explainer videos are an excellent way to attract and engage potential clients and introduce your brand to them. If your company sells complex or innovative products or services, an explainer video can be an incredible marketing and sales tool. But the challenge is to get it right.

Animated explainer videos are short (usually between 30 seconds and 2 minutes). They help make complex information and abstract ideas more understandable, engage and entertain your audience. Here are some easy tips on creating explainer videos that will clearly describe your business, tell about your products, and help increase sales.

Animated Explainer Video

Start with a Good Script

The key to a successful animated explainer video is a well-written script because it’s the foundation on which you build the visual part, voiceover, and music. If you hire an animated video studio, they will ask you to provide a creative brief that will guide them on a script. You should tell them about the essence of your product or service, your target audience, the specific problem that you are trying to solve, and highlight the key benefits of your product. You should also briefly explain how your product or service works.

Besides, you should decide what tone of voice and visual style you prefer and what call to action you want to include. When writing a script, you should clearly show what makes your business stand out from the competition and demonstrate your brand’s personality.

Make an Explainer Video Short

Explainer videos typically last for 30-90 seconds. If you want to translate it into word count, the rule of thumb is 150 words per minute. You shouldn’t try to read faster because you’ll need room for breathing and time for your audience to grasp the message.

Of course, every entrepreneur can tell a lot about their product, but unfortunately, it’s impossible to include all this info in a short explainer video. Besides, you should keep into account that the attention span for online video content is only about 60 seconds. So you should keep your script very concise – it’s only a quick overview of your business and your offering.

Keep Everything Simple

You should break your explanation into 4 bite-sized chunks and ensure that the key points are organized logically. First, you need to establish a problem and address your customer’s pain points. Then, you briefly explain why your product can be a solution. After that, you have to briefly describe how your product or service works, and how your customers can use it. Finally, you have to include a clear call to action, telling your audience about what they should do next.

When describing your offering, you shouldn’t try to show off a lot of features. Try to focus on its benefits instead and highlight the value for your clients. Explain how your product or service can make your customers’ lives better.

Entertain Your Audience

Of course, professional voiceover, beautiful music, and eye-catching visuals are very important for the success of your video. They can evoke a variety of emotions and make a powerful impression on your audience. But you should also keep in mind one more important aspect –entertainment.

Regardless of age, gender, education, and location, all people would love to be entertained, and moreover, they just expect it from video content. So you should think about adding something special to your explainer video, for example, a metaphor, humor, or surprise. It will allow you to connect with your viewers on an emotional level and provide a memorable experience for them.

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