Top 5 Airport Parking Safety Tips

When you’re on your way to another city (or country), it’s not uncommon to get someone to drop you off at the airport. But if you happen to be someone who travels a lot or you need to catch a flight at a time when it’s inconvenient for a friend to take you, the other alternative is to park your car at the airport. However, being that airport parking lots tend to be really large and flights arrive at all times of the day and night, it’s important that you know how to protect yourself as well as your vehicle.

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Airport Parking Safety Tips

Therefore, we have offered you five airport safety tips that can help you to feel secure when parking your car and also returning to it below:

1. Remove all of your valuables

If someone is looking to break into a car, they are going to look for the one that shows signs of having valuables inside of it. So, make sure that you remove the face of your radio, that you don’t have money inside of your change compartment and that you don’t leave any bags in the backseat.

2. Use the short-term parking option

If you’re only going to be gone for a day or two, you might want to consider using the short-term parking option. There are usually a lot more people (and security) walking around in that lot than in the long-term ones and even though it’s more expensive, the peace of mind is priceless.

3. Park under a light (and away from the bushes)

Even if you leave in the daytime or you plan on returning before the sun sets, life doesn’t always go as planned and sometimes flights get delayed. So if it is at all possible, park your car directly under a light or at least close to a light that is nearby. And either way, definitely stay away from trees and bushes that line the lot. You never know who might be lurking behind one of them.

4. Ask the shuttle driver to take you to your car

Say that you parked your car in the airport Parking lot and you took a shuttle to get to your car. If you are getting back really late at night or you happen to have a lot of luggage with you, it can never hurt to ask the shuttle driver if they will take you directly to your vehicle. If they don’t have a lot of other passengers, more times than not, they will be more than happy to do so.

5. Don’t open up your car until you get to it

Thanks to the progression of technology, many of us can open up our cars by simply pushing a button on our key chain even if we are several feet away. The problem with that is if you are not close to your car, that can send a signal to a criminal that your car is open and you are about to get inside of it. So, have a mini-flashlight and your cell phone in hand but wait until you are actually at your car to open it up. That way you can get inside without worrying about a complete stranger trying to get inside of it with you. Be safe and happy travels!

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