5 Controversies of Aamir Khan that destroyed his Image as Superstar

Mr. Perfectionist of Bollywood is 50+ year of age now. He was born on March 14, 1965, in the city of dreams. It is known that Aamir Khan is a big name for the Bollywood industry, who works on only selected films eventually most of his movies are super hit or blockbusters. His first super hit film was ‘Qayamat se Qayamat Tak‘. Despite his wonderful carrier, his life has been surrounded by many controversies.

Let us tell you that Aamir Khan has been honored with Padmashri and Padmabhushan. Aamir has always been in the discussion due to lack of any award function. It is known that he believes that no other award other than the national award for him has any special significance. It is also said that when Aamir Khan’s film ‘Dil’ and Sunny Deol’s ‘Ghayal’ were nominated for the Filmfare in 1991, then Amir had the full hope that he would get the best actor award, but that did not happen, perhaps for this reason Apart from that, the award does not form part of the function.

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 1. Jessica Hines Controversy


One of the biggest controversies over Aamir Khan was his relations with Jessica Hines. It is said that during the shoot of Vikram Bhatt’s Ghulam movie, Aamir Khan met a lady named Foreign journalist named Jessica Hynes. The proximity of both grew so much that both of them had a son. Aamir Khan always denies this, but Jessica says that when his son grows up, he will tell him that his father Aamir Khan does not like him.

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