Why having a WordPress website for business can help grow your brand

Do you need to set up a website on WordPress for your business?  Many brands, ranging from small SMEs to major Fortune 500 companies are looking to WordPress to venture into the vast internet avenue because it offers the best benefits for brands of any of the options available.

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Setting up a website on WordPress will help you take advantage of the large stream of internet users, who are increasingly using the internet to engage in business… More people than ever before are making retail purchases on the internet, with sales through the web continuing a steady 12-year increase. The volumes of sales in that time have grown exogenously, suggesting that the internet is quickly becoming the next big front for business.

WordPress can help your business take advantage of the large traffic online. It offers brands the opportunity to develop a website to suit the brand image and helps target the desired audience better. Here are some reasons why you should consider WordPress for your business website.

The large WordPress community

wordpress community

WordPress offers access to countless blogs, forums, and video channels. You can get help from any part of the large WordPress community for any challenging aspect of installing, configuring or monitoring your website to ensure everything functions as expected.

The large WP community includes developers and WordPress service provision companies. Brands such as WPFixs will provide comprehensive services including research and monitoring, to help address different challenges efficiently. If you are unable to make the necessary changes on your website due to a lack of experience, time or technical know-how, these skilled developers will help get your website in tip top shape through conventional and unconventional means.

The ease of use

One of the key reasons why WordPress holds such a big market share is its ease of use for people with varying skill levels. You can set up your website on WordPress without any prior coding or website management experience and still be able to run your website perfectly. It offers a simple learning curve, with even novice users able to understand how to work with the platform.

The ease of use makes WordPress an attractive venture to business owners. You can increase your brand’s visibility online without needing to commit your expenses to do so. You do not need to hire a dedicated development team to set up and run your website because the platform makes it so easy that you can do it off your phone.

It is mobile friendly

You should consider setting up your business website on WordPress because it is compatible with mobile.  This will help your brand take advantage of a large number of mobile internet users, which could help you, grow your brand and meet your business goals. Setting up on mobile will also make your website accessible to new interfaces, such as android TV, which are increasingly being used to access the web around the world.

The platform also has a mobile application. You can visit your website or make changes and posts through the dedicated mobile phone application. For website owners who are constantly on the move, an application makes it easier to manage and monitor their website. You can keep a regular inflow of posts and engagement with users, which will help you maintain user interest and keep traffic channeled to your website.

It is SEO friendly

seo friendly

WordPress is designed to meet the needs of most search engine algorithms. The internet revolves around searching. Users will most likely access your website after interacting with it as one of the results from a search engine query. Having a website on a platform that is designed to meet the algorithm requirements of these search engines will make users more likely to see and visit your page. You can choose themes and plugins that are designated as SEO-compatible to help increase your brand’s likelihood to rank highly.

You will also need to optimize your website for speed to help increase user satisfaction levels since people are more likely to visit faster loading pages. For website owners with some technical skill, optimizing for speed may include great theme and plugin management, optimizing images and outlay, choosing the right host, caching, as well as doing away with any unnecessary features and bits of code.  Most of these optimization measures can be done through the use of plugins, which are readily accessible. A better ranked page will be more likely to attract users and could help boost brand awareness and growth.

It can be customized


There’s a plugin for every function on the platform. There are also a variety of themes available for users who are interested in tweaking their website. Since the platform is open source, it offers users the ability to tweak the code to suit their exact needs. However, you can also customize your website to suit your liking with the help of all the plugins and theme options available.

For best results, you should only use the themes and plugins that you feel are necessary. Avoid any unused plugin and themes, and make sure to disable them or remove them from your site. You should also consider using a minimalist theme to help you reduce the page load times and improve user satisfaction levels.

Final word

Setting up, you do not need to have a high skill level to set up your website. You can get everything looking and functioning well in a matter of minutes. However, getting your website looking exactly how you wish can be challenging. You may need to consider professional service providers to help get your website just right.

You can find dedicated service providers within your budget. These skilled professionals will work on your website to ensure a great appearance and function, as well as remove any plugins that are outdated, vulnerable or may bog down your website. However, they can help you maximize your website to enjoy a number of the features listed. Hiring out these services can help your brand take full advantage of going live.




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